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Updated on February 12th, 2019

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SQL Diagnostic Manager for MySQL (SQL DM for MySQL) by Webyog—formerly Monyog— is agentless database software. This monitoring tool, now owned by Idera Inc., assists database administrators to pro-actively tighten security, reduce downtime and optimize the performance of MySQL-powered systems.

SQL DM for MySQL by Webyog Pricing:

Plan Name



$1,996.00 per instance

SQL Workload Analysis & SQL Query Tuner

$400.00 per instance

SQL Inventory Manager

$2,556.00 for 10 instances

SQL Doctor

$500.00 per user

SQL Defrag Manager

$1,196.00 per instance

SQL BI Manager

$556.00 per service

DB Optimizer

$572.00 per user/workstation

SQL Management Suite

$5,036.00 per instance

SQL Discovery and Tuning Suite

$3,196.00 per instance

SQL Performance Suite

$2,156.00 per instance

SQL DM for MySQL by Webyog Review
SQL DM for MySQL by Webyog Review:

Pros: Continuous improvements to product. Feature-rich. Improves security of MySQL-powered systems.

Cons: Some users feel the need for upgrades with a longer lifespan.

Bottomline: Saves your business time by minimizing downtime and maximizing the performance of your MySQL-powered systems.

SQL DM for MySQL by Webyog Key Information:


Rohit Nadhani




Houston, Texas


Rohit Nadhani

Number of Employees


Number of Customers

Over 35,000


1 (408) 890-2524


Brookhollow Central III, 2950 North Loop Freeway West, Suite 700, Houston, TX 77092



SQL DM for MySQL by Webyog FAQs:

What is SQL DM for MySQL by Webyog's price range?

SQL DM for MySQL by Webyog costs $1,996.00 per instance. Webyog's parent company, Idera Inc., offers a range of related products from $400.00 to $5,036.00 on their webstore.

Is there an SQL DM for MySQL by Webyog free trial?

Visit Idera Inc.'s website to get access to your 14-day free SQL DM for MySQL trial, no credit card required.

Where can I find the SQL DM for MySQL by Webyog login?

Visit https://www.webyog.com/customer to find the Webyog customer login.

What are some SQL DM for MySQL by Webyog alternatives?

SQL DM for MySQL by Webyog News & Activity:


News or Activity

December 18, 2018

Monyog Parent Company Idera Inc. Acquires LANSA

November 1, 2108

Monyog Parent Company Idera Inc. Acquires Assembla

September 26, 2018

Monyog Parent Company Idera Inc. Announces Academic Program to Provide Free Software Licenses to University Students

August 16, 2018

Idera Inc. Expands Flagship SQL Performance Capabilities

April 11, 2018

Idera Inc. Acquires Webyog

SQL DM for MySQL by Webyog Reviews:



clooy - reddit.com

Why not MonYog? It's very hard to beat Monyog for what it does, it's makes life so easy to identify slow queries, manage errors, show and kill current processes, etc. If you absolutely cannot fit it in your budget (consider talking to management about this) there are some alternatives similar to Monyog. There are a few free, small projects out there specific to MySQL monitoring; My Checkpoint for instance can provide web-based charts and reports, as well as various alerts. Existing Plugins for Server Monitors Percona has developed a bunch of plugins for of monitoring MySQL through Nagios, Cacti and Zabbix. However, the best pro-active workflow for providing quick response times to critical issues is to create a simple sanity page, a page that runs a few of your common queries, and does a few other things your site requires—such as write files, contact external apis, send test emails, etc. If all is well, send a HTTP 200 OK. Otherwise error and die—try to log the result. Monitor that page for errors and speed using a free service such as monitor.us. Set an extra obnoxious ringtone for the source, guaranteed to wake you up form the dead. If your phone allows, let this ring even when set to silent. This will not only catch internal problems, but will also notify you when your site is not reachable from an external source.

xilanthro - reddit.com

There really is no better way to instrument the functionality of a server than to check on sampled queries. I've been very impressed with Monyog, but was interested in exploring alternatives with better pricing for a startup and for a sharded environment, where the number of servers is relatively high in relation to functionality. The Percona plugins look very promising, but in truth I will probably end up enhancing my current hand-rolled collection of common and slow queries.