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Learn about VidCruiter Applicant Tracking System. Includes info on VidCruiter, free trials, pricing, customer reviews, and FAQs.

Updated on April 25th, 2019

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VidCruiter is an Applicant Tracking System that offers a pre-recorded video interviewing process, automated reference checking and an automated interview scheduling system, among other features.

VidCruiter Pricing:

VidCruiter does not make its pricing options available.

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VidCruiter Reviews
VidCruiter Review:

Pros: Time saving platform with an excellent support team.

Cons: Steep learning curve and candidates sometimes lack access to a webcam.

Bottomline: VidCruiter shortens the recruitment process with video interviews and good, functional software.

VidCruiter Key Information:


Sean Fahey, Mike Wojcenovich




New Brunswick, Canada


Sean Fahey

Phone Number

+1 (650) 779-4456


VidCruiter News and Activity:


News and Activity

May 24, 2018

VidCruiter Is Proud to Announce its Compliance with the New European Regulations

VidCruiter FAQs:

Is there a VidCruiter free trial?

There is no information on a VidCruiter free trial.

Where can I find the VidCruiter login?

There are no login options without first opening an account.

What are some VidCruiter alternatives?

VidCruiter Reviews:



CuriousOperation -

I did the interview. It definitely has more challenges than a regular interview. My audio wasn't working and their tech support could not figure out the problem. It took about 2 stressful hours to sort it all out (solution: download firefox and that somehow just worked). Definitely try out the system days before the actual interview. You only get 10 attempts to try it out ( not unlimited as was suggested). The interview process is more stressful that normal. The timer counting down the 5 minute prep time before questions and the timer counting down your response add to the stress. It is also really strange seeing yourself as you answer the question. I really hope they account for this in the marking scheme. It is definitely very novel for gov't.

justsumgurl -

I did one interview on VidCruiter - I disliked it a lot... I didn’t like the whole process- “Here’s a question! You have x min to think of an answer and when it runs out the camera will turn on and you get 1 shot!”

HandcuffsOfGold -

In the demo I saw there was an on-screen countdown timer showing "preparation time" once the candidate got to see the question. The recording would automatically start if the timer ticked down to zero, but the candidate could also click a "start recording" button to start earlier. The recording also started with a "3... 2... 1..." so it was pretty obvious that the recording had started.On top of that, before any of the "real" interview questions the system had a practice question to allow people to get a feel for the system before doing the interview itself.

BingoRingo2 -

During interviews, I appreciate the visual feedback from the interviewers which always helped me add a bit more details, clarify a sentence, continue on the same path, etc.I don't think this type of interview system would benefit me, that's for sure.

Sam North -

There are definitely a lot of challenges when it comes to hiring internationally, but there are also a lot of ways to ease recruiting. Video interviewing and ATS are not only hot topics in HR, but they can be really helpful in situations like this. This technology can help recruiters find well qualified candidates and get a feel for them. I found this site, really helpful when learning to make international hires.