Valley National Bank Small Business Banking

Learn about Valley National Bank's small business banking. Includes info on Valley National Bank, customer reviews and key info.

Updated on December 1st, 2019

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Valley National Bank is a major regional bank headquartered in Wayne, New Jersey. Valley National Bank offers several services aimed at businesses including business bank accounts and a Business Insight Center.

Rates & Fees:

Valley National Bank's fees for business bank accounts vary based on the State. Contact a representative at your local branch or make an inquiry online.

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Valley National Bank

Pros: Business Insight Center for business owners.

Cons: Being a regional bank limits where clients can access funds from ATMs.

Bottomline: Valley National Bank has good options for businesses including additional resources for advice from experts.

Features & Benefits:

Business Insight Center.

Valley National Bank has a Business Insight Center for business owners to benefit from the advice of experts.

Online banking.

Clients can use the online banking feature to make payments, check balances and open new accounts.

Mobile banking app.

Valley National Bank's mobile banking app allows users to pay bills and receive notifications about account activities. The mobile banking app also has a fingerprint login feature for added security.

Mobile Wallet.

The Valley National Bank Mobile Wallet is a mobile application that allows users to make payments at till points with their mobile phone.

Key Information:




Wayne, New Jersey

Number of Employees



Ira Robbins


1455 Valley Road, Wayne, NJ

Phone number

1 (800) 522-4100



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Customer Reviews:


Reviewed: Feb 25, 2019

Source: Reddit

Banking - stay away from Valley national bank, they nickel and dime everything, I say this as someone who worked there for years. PNC offered the best no or low fee options that I was ever personally aware of, but many big banks waive monthly fees if direct deposit is an option at your job. Not having a car I would say look at banks close by where you are looking to live - you don't need to go into the bank often in today's world but you definitely want it easily accessible if you do need to go in! Local branches also mean no-fee ATMs.

Midge Regester

Reviewed: Jan 31, 2019

Source: Twitter

Never ever ever will I use Valley National Bank...there is absolutely NO customer service and they blame you for their ineptness.