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Updated on June 27th, 2019

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Trusted Choice is an insurance agency that sells a variety of insurance products, including small business insurance and commercial insurance. Trusted Choice acts as a broker between buyers and insurance providers in order to secure the best rate for customers.


You will need to contact Trusted Choice here for a tailor-made quote based on your individual needs.

Trusted Choice

Pros: Customers benefit from expert research into various coverage options and policies.

Cons: Some business insurance policies contain a “workmanship” exclusion, and some exclude coverage of punitive damages.

Bottomline: Trusted Choice quickly matches small business owners with insurance policies that meet their needs.

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Alexandria, VA


Charles Bacciocco


127 S Peyton St, Alexandria, VA, 22314

Phone Number

+1 800-221-7919


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News or Activity

January 3, 2019 and xagent Form Partnership

August 2, 2018

Swyfft Partners with Trusted Choice®




Judge Lauren Adams Ogden -

I love that this organization supports Make A Wish kids. What a fantastic and worthy cause. I appreciate Trusted Choice giving back to kids in our community with cancer.

Madeleine Claire -

Excellent and efficient customer service. 5 stars.

Christopher Nicolopoulos -

I have had an independent insurance agent since I was 16 and purchased my first car.

Karen Moreau Croteau -

Independent agents have the best products to offer consumers.

fiveeightthirteen -

Check out an agent at They'll offer you companies that you've never heard of and don't spend money on advertising. Wouldn't be surprised to see them competitive with your Geico rate and you'd have local agent service.


What type of business coverage does Trusted Choice Insurance offer?

  • Liability insurance.
  • Commercial Property insurance.
  • Income insurance.
  • Commercial Auto insurance.
  • Cybercrime insurance.
  • Employer insurance.
  • Workers' Compensation insurance.

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Why should I insure my business through Trusted Choice?

Every business requires some form of insurance to cover unexpected losses that could financially damage your business. Trusted Choice's wide variety of business insurance plans will ensure that your business is covered for every eventuality.

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How do I request a quote from Trusted Choice?

To request a quote, just go to and click the orange "Request a Quote" button. This will redirect you to a form that you can fill out with basic information about your business.

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How can I lower my Trusted Choice business insurance premiums?

Trusted Choice recommends that business owners make their businesses safer as this lowers the risk and that leads to you paying lower insurance premiums. You can install fire sprinklers, security cameras, and security gates as safety measures that lower your business risk.

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Can you suggest some alternative sites to Trusted Choice Insurance?

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