Truphone World Plan

Learn more about Truphone's world plans, pricing, key information, and frequently asked questions.

Updated on February 16th, 2022

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Truphone is a telecommunications company that offers mobile services and international coverage to individuals and businesses alike.


Truphone does not provide its plans' pricing at this time.

World Plan Features:

  • Available to business postpaid customers with global plans.
  • Bundled service of international calls, text messaging, and data.
  • Extensive coverage worldwide that includes 100+ countries in five continents.
  • Call service via Wi-Fi in selected countries.
  • Improved voice call quality.
  • Real-time usage analytics.
  • Faster data transfer speed.
  • Works with single or shared top-ups within the regions most frequently traveled for added coverage.
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Pros: Offers extensive coverage, including over 100 countries. Prepaid international SIM cards are available.

Cons: Pricing is not available on the website.

Bottomline: Truphone is designed to keep your small business connected wherever all your employees are located.

Key Information:


James Tagg,Alexander Straub and Alistair Campbell




London, United Kingdom


Ralph Steffens

Number of Employees



25 Canada Square, Canary Wharf, London E14 5LQ UK

Phone Number

+44 (020) 3002-6565





obiphonekenobi -

I've used Truphone for years, mostly as a travel SIM, but also in situations where my AT&T SIM doesn't work. Calls work well enough. The data is kinda expensive for anything other than occasional use. Up until very recently, phones would only connect with 3G, though I've started seeing my iPhone pick up LTE signal.

relayrider -

truphone works, but not well, and even worse with smartphones. for RECEIVING calls, you need to turn on call screening, and be able to answer the phone quickly to press 1. this is where a GSM flip phone is useful. The time required on either my android or iphone 4s is just not realistic. to PLACE calls it works great, as long as you have a wifi connection and laptop....

rizwank -

The option I used on a recent trip was using Truphone's eSIM for the iPhone XS. Alternatively, I use a local SIM. It's not ideal, and it pains me to say so - but the economics clearly aren't there.I'm entirely guessing that Google leveraged their buying power with the carriers (who also often own interconnect companies) to get substantial concessions on roaming rates.


I am a Truphone subscriber since 2015, is there any difference in the benefits offered in the current World Plan?

Truphone customers prior to 2017 can do international calls, SMS, and data services within 66 countries. To upgrade your current subscription, please contact the support team by dialing 707 from your Truphone number.

Which countries are covered within the United Kingdom region?

Covered countries within the UK include England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland.