Trend Micro Mobile Security Reviews

Learn about Trend Micro Mobile Security’s mobile device management service. Includes info on Trend Micro, free trials, pricing, customer reviews, and FAQs.

Updated on January 6th, 2020

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Trend Micro Mobile Security is a mobile device management platform for businesses. Trend Micro Mobile Security’s solutions include virus scanning, password management, and anti-theft features. Businesses can use Trend Micro Mobile Security to securely manage mobile devices.


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iOS Personal Edition


Password Manager


Android Personal Edition


Maximum Security


Trend Micro Mobile Security Reviews

Pros: Good network protection and tracking capabilities.

Cons: Cellular scanning is slow.

Bottomline: Well-developed platform to streamline your business's mobile device management operations.

Key Information:


Eva Chen, Steve Chang and Jenny Chang

Year Founded



Irving, TX

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Eva Chen


225 E. John Carpenter Freeway, Suite 1500, Irving, TX 75062


1 (888) 762-8736



How do I activate Trend Micro?

Open your Trend Micro Mobile Security's main console. Double-click the Trend Micro icon on your desktop or system tray. When a "Not Yet Activated" window appears, click on "Activate Now."

Does Trend Micro scan for malware?

Yes. Trend Micro scans for malware, such as spyware, viruses, and worms.

How do I download Trend Micro?

Go to to learn about Trend Micro Mobile Security downloads.

What is Trend Micro Mobile Security's price range?

Trend Micro Mobile Security plans range from $0.00 to $49.95 per year.

Is there a Trend Micro Mobile Security free trial?

You can access various free products on their website. Trend Micro Mobile Security also offers you a 30-day money-back guarantee if you are not completely satisfied with any of their paid products.

Customer Reviews:


Reviewed: Aug 14, 2018

Source: Reddit

Used Trend Micro DS at my last place and it was a nightmare, though we think it was due to misconfiguration at the implementation level.


Reviewed: Aug 14, 2018

Source: Reddit

TrendMicro has great analysis but throws a ton of false positives on intrusion attempts and other weird content analysis errors.


Reviewed: Aug 14, 2018

Source: Reddit

Currently using TrendMicro Deep Security for Virtualization (VMware). We're just using the anti-malware piece and skipped all the other modules. It works great and easy to configure/maintain. I like TM. I've heard many admins complain about bad support but luckily, I've only had to deal with them once and they were on it.


Reviewed: Jun 04, 2018

Source: Reddit

Trend tends to do this bundling, when we picked them up a couple of years ago they would throw in everything including the kitchen sink. I think that they are doing it to cover all of their clients requirements, many business are all on prem, or hybrid or all cloud and their solutions tend to cover all of these environments.Personally im a fan of their WorryFree Business Advance Service, its simple to maintain, doesnt give us any issues and just works. The bundled HES and CloudApp security products really help to compliment the package.


Reviewed: Jan 12, 2016

Source: Reddit

My experience with Trend Micro was that it would let you know it found an infection and then not do anything about it. Okay...thanks?


Reviewed: Jan 22, 2016

Source: Reddit

My experience is that it removes some of my portable tools from my USB drive without ever notifying or prompting me. Even if it's inside a zip file. I have to disable it on my station before plugging in my drive or I have to go re-download them.