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Learn more about The Loan Exchange. Includes pricing, company information, and frequently asked questions about small business loans from The Loan Exchange.

Updated on November 18th, 2019

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The Loan Exchange offers a variety of small business loans to business owners and entrepreneurs. The company partners with a network of lenders to provide customized, unsecured loan products, giving small business owners much-needed financial flexibility.

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Small Business Loans

Low interest rates for loans from $6,000 or $250,000.

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Prime Business Loans

SBA Loans

Working Capital

Loan Rates and Terms:

Loan Type

Loan Amount

Interest Rate


Business Loan


From 14.90% (15% origination fee)

6–120 months

Personal Loan


From 13.33%

47–180 months

Mortgage Loan

Dependent on client

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15 or 30 years

The Loan Exchange

Pros: All credit scores welcome, variety of loans, good customer service.

Cons: High origination fee.

Bottomline: Convenient and flexible option for SMBs looking to obtain unsecured business loans.

Key Information:




Orange, CA, United States

Number of Employees



1 City Boulevard West, Suite 1500, Orange, CA, 92868, United States

Phone Number

1 (844) 956-2639



What is The Loan Exchange?

The Loan Exchange offers personal, mortgage, and business loans that cater to the needs of individuals and organizations.

What type of loans does The Loan Exchange offer?

Through The Loan Exchange network, small business owners are able to acquire prime business loans, SBA loans, and working capital loans ranging from $6,000 to $250,000. Terms range from 6 to 120 months. The Loan Exchange also offers personal and home loans.

What is The Loan Exchange's interest rates?

The Loan Exchange's annual percentage rate (APR) starts at 14.90% for business loans, which also incur a 15% origination fee. Personal loans attract an APR starting at 13.33%. For more specific rates, visit The Loan Exchange's website.

What documents are required when applying for a personal loan?

With The Loan Exchange, you only need three documents: employment and income information, bank account information and statements, and a credit report.