Tend Secure Lynx Solar

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Updated on June 4th, 2019

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The Tend Secure Lynx Solar is a solar-powered security camera featuring uninterrupted monitoring, facial recognition, Smart Assistant technology, and 1080p resolution.

Tend Secure Lynx Solar Pricing:

Camera Type




Indoor 2




Indoor 2 (3 pack)


Pro (2 pack)


Indoor 2 & Solar


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Streaming HD.

Facial recognition.

Motion detection.

Tend Secure Lynx Solar Reviews
Tend Secure Lynx Solar Summary:

Pros: Easy to set-up, solar charging, great image quality.

Cons: Camera takes a while to "wake up."

Bottomline: Good self-powered security camera system for home or office use.

Tend Secure Lynx Solar Key Features:



Image Resolution


View Field

100° diagonal




Cloud, Free for 7 days



Smart Home Compatibility

Google Assistant

Night Vision

Up to 25 Feet






Mobile (App Store and Google Play)

Motion Detection




Other Features

Facial Recognition (maintains a Facial Recognition Library through the Tend Secure app), with built-in battery backup and local storage (if there is an outage of power/internet, will store up to three days of data and will be uploaded to the cloud once it resumes)


What is the price range of Tend security cameras?

Tend security cameras range from $59.99 to $279.99.

Where can I buy the Tend Secure Lynx Solar security camera?

You can buy the Tend Solar from sites like Amazon or directly from tendinsights.com.

What is the Tend Solar camera good for?

The Tend Solar is a dedicated solar-powered security camera that is able to run on solar or AC power. The Tend Solar requires only one sunny day to power the camera for up to seven days.

Does the Tend Solar need an internet connection to work?

Yes, the Tend Solar does require an internet connection to work. If there is a power outage, the camera stores up to three days of data and will upload it to the cloud once power is restored.

What are some Tend Secure Lynx Solar alternatives?

Tend Secure Lynx Solar Reviews
What's in the Tend Secure Lynx Solar box?
  • Lynx Solar Camera.
  • Solar panel.
  • Mounting hardware.
  • Power supply unit.
  • Wall anchors.
  • 25-foot in line power cable.

Tend Secure Lynx Solar Reviews:

sienna greenlee - plus.google.com

Love the cameras and the app! Totally worth it!

Greg Gale - plus.google.com

Tend Secure camaras do what they advertise what they will do. We have dropped them many times moving them around and they have held up just fine. I recommend Tend Secure for personal security.

replicant - reddit.com

I recently purchased a Lynx Indoor security camera (made by company Tend Secure). My house has recently been broken into, and I wanted a camera for security in case it happens again. I want to leave the camera live streaming during the day when Im away from home and have it turned off when Im home.The problem is the camera is not designed to be turned off?! Which seems ridiculous to me. There is no way to power the camera on / off via either a dedicated switch or via the app. I contacted the Tend Secure customer support to ask about this. They told me the recommended method of use is to enable motion detection when I leave for the day, and disable motion detection when I am home. They actually told me that if I was concerned about live streaming while I was home, I could point the camera at a wall, or put a small box over it... that was the recommended method of use from the Tend Secure customer support!? Clearly this is an inadequate solution and just feels completely amateur.