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Learn more about Spectrum Business for your business. Includes info on Spectrum Business, pricing, customer reviews, and frequently asked questions.

Updated on November 18th, 2019

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Spectrum Business is a business internet service that offers contract-free deals, 24-hour tech support, and all-weather fast connectivity for small businesses.


Plan Name

Monthly Price

Business Internet 100


Business Internet 200


Business Internet 300


Business Internet 400



Pros: Contract-free internet service and no data caps.

Cons: Employee WiFi access costs extra and there are additional charges for a static IP address.

Bottomline: Spectrum Business offers a reliable business internet service with good speeds and a wide range of price plans.

Key Information:

Parent Company

Charter Communications




Stamford, Connecticut

Number of Employees



Thomas Rutledge


400 Atlantic St., Stamford, CT

Phone number

1 (855) 835-2639






Jenelle Flocke - alignable.com

I use Spectrum Business. They really work hard for me. Used to have Sprint But was not happy with them

Bill_Stuntz - forums.lenovo.com

A month ago we switched to Spectrum Business Class from ATT DSL, and they did all the configuration. We're getting 100megabit internet & phone service from Spectrum now.

Theowlhoothoot - reddit.com

Try charter business, faster speeds with no drops during peaks since you are put higher than residential connections.

7yearlurkernowposter - reddit.com

As for the business side we have a charter business line at one of our branch offices. When you call on the phone you do get to talk to people who know what they are talking about. They will also engage other network operators for you if needed.

WorkerBeeWI - reddit.com

I have Charter business internet (16mbps down/2mbps up) - 12 month contract at $80/month, which includes the modem rental. There are no caps, and support is still out of the US and quite friendly/knowledgeable. So far, it has been good.


How much does Spectrum Business Internet cost?

Spectrum Business Internet ranges in price from $59.99 per month to $109.99 per month.

See the full range of pricing options.

What is Spectrum Business WiFi?

Spectrum Business WiFi is a version of your Spectrum Business deal that grants free public WiFi access to customers in waiting rooms or other areas of business. The free WiFi is secure, managed by Spectrum, and is separate from your own business network, so there is no risk of a security breach via the public WiFi.

See our Spectrum Business summary review.

Can I use my own modem with Spectrum Business?

No. Spectrum Business users are required to use the modem provided to them by Spectrum. Modem issues are quickly attended to by Spectrum's customer support team, but personal modems are not. The modem that comes with Spectrum Business Internet is free of charge.

Does spectrum offer 1GB internet?

Yes. Spectrum Internet Gig offers download speeds of up 940 Mbps. This option is ideal for multiple high-productivity users who require a speedy connection. Spectrum Internet Gig is only offered in select states.

How much does spectrum charge for Internet only?

Spectrum's internet-only plan costs $44.99 per month.

See the full range of pricing options.

Does Spectrum have free WiFi?

There are no free WiFi plans, but Spectrum Mobile customers have access to a wide range of WiFi hotspots across the country. Spectrum Mobile customers can access these hotspots in public spaces, at no cost.

What router works best with Spectrum?

  • Motorola SB6141.
  • Netgear R6300v2.
  • Arris Surfboard SB6190.
  • Netgear Nighthawk X6.