Small Business Loans - Best Lenders and Loans for 2019

Get information on the best types of loans for small business, and the best lenders you should consider. Includes interest rates, max loan amounts, and more.

Updated on June 11th, 2019

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Small business loans are used to purchase equipment, inventory, real estate or to start a business. Small business lending includes bank loans, credit cards, venture capital, SBA-backed loans, microloans, and crowdfunding.

Best Small Business Lenders:

Our Rank


Max Line of Credit











Funding Circle



The Loan Exchange



Bank of America



Capital One









JP Morgan Chase






US Bank



Wells Fargo





Types of Small Business Loans:

Loan Type

Interest Range

Max Loan

Invoice Financing

8 - 30%


Short-Term Loan

9 - 40%


SBA Loan

4 - 6.75%


Small Business Startup Loan

4.88 - 5.15%


Business Line of Credit

7 - 25%


Equipment Financing

8 - 30%


Merchant Cash Advance

1.2 - 2.0 (factor)


Personal Loan for Business

5.99 - 36%


Term Loan

7 - 30%



How do you qualify for a small business loan?

To qualify for a small business loan you'll need good credit scores, both business and personal. You may also need assets to use as collateral and may need to show business cash flow and revenue.

What credit score is needed for a small business loan?

640+ is widely considered to be the minimum, but assets, revenues, cash flow, time in business and other factors can influence this.

Where can I get a loan to start a small business?

It depends on what you're after. There are many types of small business loans, including loans to cover equipment purchase, loans to help start a business, loans for buying commercial real estate, invoice financing and more. Decide what type of loan you need, and you'll be able to narrow your list of what lenders to consider.

Who are some small business loan lenders to consider?

Are Small Business Loans Hard To Get

Are small business loans hard to get?

It can be difficult to get a small business loan if your company has been in business for less than two years, has no significant revenue, has no collateral, or has bad or no credit. However, there are lenders like Accion that specialize in loans to businesses that don't meet these standards.

What are alternative business loans?

Alternative business loans include a business line of credit (similar to a credit card), loans from private lenders, invoice factoring - which allows you to borrow money in the amount that you expect to receive from a client in advance - and peer-to-peer lending. These are also known as non-traditional small business loans.

What companies specialize in alternative business lending?

What Do You Need To Apply For A Small Business Loan

What do you need to apply for a small business loan?

  • A detailed business plan.
  • Financial statements.
  • Business credit report.
  • Income tax returns.
  • Accounts receivable and accounts payable.
  • Collateral document.
  • Business licenses and registrations.
  • Articles of incorporation.
  • Copies of third-party contracts.
  • Franchise agreements.
  • Commercial leases.

Are business loans for small business available to startups?

It depends on what stage you're in. Typically a startup is in the very early stages of a business, often before there are revenues or collateral. You may qualify for specialized small loans for small business, but otherwise, you'll be looking for investment funding or alternative business loans.

What kind of small business financing loan should I apply for to buy work vehicles?

You'll probably want to apply for equipment loans, or a business auto loan like the ones Bank of America offers.

Is there anyone who makes loans to small business if I've been rejected by banks?

Try some of the alternative financial tech small business loan companies if you need a loan for small business and are having trouble with banks. These include Funding Circle, Kabbage, Lending Club, Accion, and others. They use new tools, such as crowdfunding, to make loans available to companies that might otherwise have trouble.

How can I get funding fast?

  • Short-term loan.
  • An express bank loan.
  • An Installment loan from an alternative lender.
  • A business credit card.
  • Use invoice factoring.

How can I get a business loan with no money?

You can use an unsecured business loan. With an unsecured start-up loan, your new business can get the money it needs without having to put down any collateral or use a cosigner. This is usually given to individuals with good credit history and rating.