Short Term Business Loans

Learn more about short term business loans and discover the best loan providers. Includes frequently asked questions.

Updated on June 28th, 2019

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Short-term business loans are a great option if your business needs a quick injection of capital to start a new project or purchase new equipment. Because short-term small business loans are usually for much smaller amounts than long-term loans, they are easier to access.

Short Term Business Loan Providers:

Loan Provider

Loan Amount

Term Length

Balboa Capital

Up to $250,000

3 - 4 months


Up to $250,000

6 - 17 months

Credibility Capital

$10,000 to $400,000

1 - 3 years


Up to $100,000

3 - 6 months


$500 to $250,000

6 - 12 months


$2,500 - $500,000

1 - 3 years


Up to $500,000

1 - 12 months


Up to $500,000

3 - 12 months


$2,000 - $250,000

3 - 36 months


How do short term business loans work?

A short term loan provides your business with quick working capital. You will receive a lump sum of cash up front from your lender that is repaid over a set period of time, and includes lender fees and interest as part of the total cost of the loan.

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How long is a short term business loan?

The term length for short term business loans can range anywhere from 3 months to 3 years.

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Why do businesses need short term loans?

  • To cover temporary deficiencies in funds in order to meet payroll and other expenses.
  • To buy inventory in advance of peak periods with the advantage of being able to pay it back at a later stage.
  • To keep afloat while waiting for credit customers to pay their bills.
  • To even out cash flow.

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What are the best short term loan companies?

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What is the typical range for short-term business loan rates?

Depending on the size of your loan, interest rates can be anywhere between 5% and 50%. Rates for short-term loans are usually on the lower side of those numbers.

Where can I get 6-month loans for my business?

If you need a short-term loan with a 6-month term, Credibly, Fundbox, and Kabbage all offer flexible short-term small business loans that can be taken out for 6 months or more if necessary. If you can pay back your loan in 6 months, your business will save money and avoid paying long-term interest.

What is a good credit score to apply for a short-term business loan?

Most financial institutions require a minimum personal credit score ranging from 500 to 650 while a score above 700 is considered favorable.

What is short-term business finance?

The term "short-term business finance" refers in general to financial activities that are designed to help a business grow or seize an opportunity in the short term. Your business should only seek short-term financing options if you have a legitimate opportunity to add value to your company.

Can I get small business short-term loans if I have bad credit?

Some loan providers will still approve short-term loans for a small business in spite of a poor credit score. You can learn more about getting a loan with a bad credit score here.