10 Best San Jose Payroll Companies

Find the best payroll companies in San Jose with contact information. We also have answers to common questions and additional info for doing payroll locally.

Updated on November 18th, 2019

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San Jose payroll companies offer quality services to help small business owners effectively manage and grow their local business. Use our comprehensive list of the best payroll services near you.

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Top 10 San Jose Payroll Companies:

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Phone Number


Sunrise Tax Service

(408) 292-5626


Tax Consultation of America

(408) 971-1888


Pay ‘n Time

(408) 927-0047


CompuTax Services

(408) 286-3913


Chexperts Payroll Solutions

(408) 960-3338


Keytax CPA

(408) 580-6000


MJ Tax & Accounting Services

(408) 710-3328


Mollett & Burian

(408) 553-0204


Padgett Business Services

(408) 727-8011



(408) 212-7770


What are the best small business payroll services in San Jose?

  • Tax Consultation of America.
  • Sunrise Tax Service.
  • Pay ‘n Time.
  • Chexperts Payroll Solutions.
  • Keytax CPA.
  • CompuTax Services.
  • MJ Tax & Accounting Services.
  • Mollett & Burian.

What do payroll processing services in San Jose cost?

San Jose payroll companies cost between $19.00 and $200.00 per month, depending on taxes, how often you run payroll, the number of employees, and other factors.

What should I know about doing payroll in San Jose?

San Jose business owners are in charge of withholding payroll taxes, recording returns, and paying state and federal payroll taxes.

In total, there are four California state payroll taxes. Two of these, Unemployment Insurance (UI) and Employment Training Tax (ETT), are paid by the employer. The other two, State Disability Insurance (SDI) and Personal Income Tax (PIT), are withheld from an employee's wages.

Business owners will also be responsible for adhering to federal payroll tax laws. A small business is obligated to pay federal taxes for Medicare, Social Security, and unemployment (FUTA). However, an employer has to withhold federal personal income taxes, Medicare, and Social Security from an employees’ wages.