RingByName Pricing, Reviews, and FAQs

Learn about RingByName’s cloud-based business phone service for small businesses. Includes info on RingByName, free trials, pricing, and FAQs.

Updated on August 14th, 2019

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RingByName is a cloud-based business phone service with a built-in intelligent routing and customer relations software. RingByName’s solutions include VOIP phone systems, Virtual Receptionist, Business SMS and Voicemail to Email.

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Plan Name

Monthly Pricing


$24.95 per user


$34.95 per user


$44.95 per user

RingByName Reviews

Pros: Fantastic routing capabilities and superb report generation.

Cons: The customization options could be improved.

Bottomline: Great platform to effectively manage business communication processes.

Key Information:


Kooi Lim




Miami, FL

Number of Employees


Number of Customers

250,000 +


Kooi Lim


7206 NW 31st Street, Miami, FL, 33122, United States


+1 855-345-7464






here4thenews - reddit.com

RingByName is a pretty good VoIP. It's also a skill that Alexa can learn so you can do voice dialing.There is a sign up but if you're looking for quality app I think it's the way to go.

Butrfly9 - reddit.com

RingByName has an app and good online interface. You need really good internet to run a VoIP phone

Kubark - reddit.com

I have tried man services, but I ended up with RingByName.com. They gave me a main company number with a auto attendant, and a personal line for each employee at no cost. They charge by the total number of users or seats and additional compan numbers were cheap -- like $5 or so. Check them out.


What is RingByName’s price range?

RingByName’s monthly plans range from $24.94 to $44.95 per user.

See RingByName's full list of prices.

Is there a RingByName free trial?

There is a demo available and you can request this by clicking on the Request Demo button on the homepage.

See RingByName's full list of prices.

Does RingByName integrate with Amazon Alexa?

Yes, RingByName integrates with the Alexa devices to offer hands-free dialing.

Learn more about RingByName.

How do I use RingByName through my Alexa device?

Tell Alexa to use RingByName to call the number you wish to call.