Ring Floodlight Cam

Learn more about the Ring Floodlight Cam. Includes information on the pricing, features, reviews, and frequently asked questions.

Updated on March 31st, 2020

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The Ring Floodlight Cam is an outdoor security camera that features built-in floodlights, motion detection, a siren alarm, and two-way audio. This camera also features a 140° field of view and dual sensors with person and object detection.

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Ring Floodlight Cam

Crystal-clear video with advanced motion detection.

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Ring Floodlight Cam

Pros: Simple DIY installation. The app controls floodlights, cameras, and the siren. Includes zoom and panning.

Cons: Restricted features if you do not buy a subscription plan. Limited smart home integration.

Bottomline: The Ring Floodlight Cam offers clear video and advanced motion detection for a strong security option.

Key Features:




1080p HD, Live View, Night Vision

Motion Detection

270°, 30 ft. Custom Motion Zones

Field of View



Smart zoom with panning

Camera Lens

Adjustable mount with 140° field-of-view


Remote-activated siren


Two-way audio with noise cancellation


Two 3000° Kelvin floodlights


802.11 b/g/n Wi-Fi connection @ 2.4GHz only, 902 - 928 MHz radio

Operating Conditions

-22°F to 120°F (-30°C to 48.5°C), Weather Resistant

Base/Mounting Bracket

4¾-inch (12.065-cm) diameter


11 in. x 8.25 in. x 7 in. (28 cm. x 21 cm. x 17.8 cm.)

Available Colors

White, Black




Tim Carter - quora.com

I just tested and reviewed the Ring Floodlight Cam. This security device is AMAZING. I’ve installed hundreds of outdoor fixtures, but none ever came with all the exact parts and tools you really need.You’ll LOVE the Ring as much as I do.

pr1vatepiles - avforums.com/threads

Got one on back of my house. Was waiting for them to drop for a while and finally managed to get one at a decent price. Camera is great, lights are bright, it does it's job well. I can't fault it.

jgb_z - zdnet.com

I've had a Floodlight Cam for about 3 months now, as well as Doorbell Pro (9 months) Chime Pro (9 months) and a Stickup Cam (2 months). I am reasonably satisfied with all of them, but they do have a few shortcomings. Video resolution is great., but there is a several second latency before you can see the video after a motion alert.


Is the Ring Floodlight Cam any good?

The Ring Floodlight Cam features a high-quality video feed, strong floodlights for night viewing, and smart zoom for panning. Some features on the app are only accessible if you subscribe to a Ring monthly plan.

Does Ring Floodlight Cam have a monthly fee?

No. The cameras are a one-off purchase. However, the Ring Protection Plans require a monthly fee if you would like video recording.

How far can the Ring Floodlight Cam see?

The Ring Floodlight Cam can see for up to 30 ft.

Can the Ring floodlight stay on?

You can use your Ring app to set your floodlights to stay on all night, schedule times, or manually turn them on and off.

Does the Ring Floodlight Cam record?

Yes, but only if you subscribe to a Ring Protect Plan for either $3.00 or $10.00 per month.

Can the Ring Floodlight work without Wi-Fi?

No. The Ring Floodlight Cam only works through Wi-Fi.

Can I use a Ring camera without a subscription?

Yes, but you will only be able to view live streaming of your camera feed.

How much does it cost to install a Ring Floodlight Camera?

The Ring Floodlight Cam is easy to install yourself, so it should cost no more than installing a standard floodlight fixture as there is no extra or special wiring required.

How long do Ring floodlight bulbs last?

The Ring Floodlight Cam uses LED bulbs that have a life expectancy of 10 years. You can replace the bulbs through Ring.

Can Alexa turn on the Ring floodlight?

Currently, the Ring floodlights are not supported on Alexa. You can, however, control your Ring Smart Lighting with Alexa.

Does the Ring Floodlight Cam have a battery?

No. The Ring Floodlight Cam must be hardwired into a standard junction box.

Is the Ring Floodlight Cam wireless?

No. The Ring Floodlight Cam relies on a Wi-Fi signal but must be hardwired into a standard junction box.

How bright is the Ring Floodlight Camera?

The Ring Floodlight Cam features two 3000° Kelvin floodlights.

Do other cameras work with Ring?

Ring is constantly adding to their Works With Ring Program. Currently, there are over 1000 products, powered by the Z-Wave Wireless Protocol, that works as part of the Ring Alarm system. These products mostly include light switches, smart plugs, and garage door sensors.

Are Ring security cameras waterproof?

Yes. The Ring Floodlight Cam is weather-resistant and operates in temperatures ranging from -22°F to 120°F (-30°C to 48.5°C).

Does the Ring camera work with Google Home?

Yes. You can connect your Ring to Google Home so that you can access your device with your voice.

What does a Ring subscription do?

The Ring Protect Basic Plan, for $3.00 a month, covers one Ring doorbell or security camera and gives you access to every Ring, Motion, and Live View event for up to 60 days. You can also review, share, and save your Ring videos. The Ring Protect Plus Plan, for $10.00 a month, also has these features, but covers all Ring devices at a single address.