Revel Systems Reviews

Find Revel Systems' POS iPad solutions for a wide range of businesses. Includes info on Revel Systems, reviews, pricing, and FAQs.

Updated on January 20th, 2020

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Revel Systems offers point of sale (POS) solutions that operate on an Apple iPad. Revel has POS systems for the culinary industry such as Drive-through POS, retail POS systems such as Grocery POS, and systems for large venues such as Stadium POS.

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Revel Systems Reviews

Pros: Research found Revel Systems constantly undergoes updates and improvements.

Cons: Technical issues and customer service seems to be problematic at times, as with most businesses.

Bottomline: Feature-rich POS.

Key Information:


Lisa Falzone, Chris Ciabarra




San Francisco, CA

Number of Employees

More than 750


Greg Dukat


575 Market Street, Suite 2200. San Francisco, CA 94105


+1 415-744-1433



What is Revel Systems' price range?

Revel Systems' software pricing starts at $99.00/month per terminal. Revel Systems charge an installation fee that starts at $649.00, and a flat fee for payment processing that varies depending on your business type.

Is there a Revel Systems free trial?

No, but Revel Systems offers a free demo on their site.

Can I enable tips in Retail Mode?

No, tips are only available in Quick-Service and Table-Service modes.

Which card processing vendors does Revel integrate with?

Revel integrates with a number of solutions, such as Expensify, BigCommerce, and Homebase.

Customer Reviews:


Reviewed: May 06, 2018

Source: Reddit

I’ve been using Revel for three years. It’s got some great features, and some absolutely dismal customer service. I would go with Toast, as another person suggested. If I weren’t contracted, I’d be out of Revel immediately. Customer service with Revel consists of “try unplugging it and plugging it back in” or “we’ll send out a new one and bill you.” Then sometimes, the problem literally fixes itself. It’s uncanny how awful it is.


Reviewed: Jun 05, 2018

Source: Reddit

We use Revel. It's not perfect, yet nothing is. We were looking for a capable system and Revel definitely does meet that requirement. It's not going to be super simple like Square, yet it can be configured to do just about anything you'd like. I've also had good experiences with support when it was required.


Reviewed: Nov 28, 2018

Source: Reddit

Do not buy Revel. Revel did not do beta testing. Revel is riddled with small, nonsensical errors. You can tell that Revel developed their software without input from anyone in the restaurant industry. It is the worst. Check out their tutorial videos online, and two minutes in you'll notice that they didn't bother to normalize their volume. So every two minutes your eardrums get blown out, or you can't hear. This is indicative of the level of detail taken when putting together Revel.Revel Systems is slow, with high latency compared to Aloha/Micros. It offers less basic functionality than Aloha/Micros, and the support is awful. Let me repeat, the service and support for Revel is terrible. Do not buy Revel. Take it from someone that has been using it for a year, and severely regrets it. It is a steaming pile of garbage. No one on Revel's staff takes responsibility for following through with any support concerns whatsoever, however simple.My credit receipts have been screwed up and misleading (such that customers ask pointed questions). It's been three months now, and Revel hasn't fixed it! They've tried three times, and still it is wrong! They can't edit 22 characters of text correctly in three months. It is absurd.


Reviewed: Jan 24, 2014

Source: Reddit

Been using Revel for two-and-a-half years in a counter service burger restaurant. Unfortunately we haven't replaced the iPads in that period, so this is colored by that fact. The UI is really straightforward, though heavily reliant on new windows opening rather than new menus popping out.The system is very easy to customize by the end user, and allows for mods and individually typed special requests. It can run a bit slow during a rush, but that may be the result of us using iPads that are two plus generations out of date. This system is slow to respond to commands, and tickets are always sent instantly as long as wifi is up. Most problems have been solved within an hour or two of contacting Revel, unless the problem was on our end. We just took care of those problems ourselves. We've had Revel since we opened and I've only used Squirrel in the past. With Squirrel I can only speak from a line cook perspective. I can say that the ticket setup is vastly better than Squirrel, but that's all the comparison I can speak of. I definitely like Revel, but don't feel like I have compared it fairly with other systems to be able to recommend it.


Reviewed: Oct 21, 2015

Source: Reddit

Revel is terrible. Used it at my old workplace. Aside from there being far too many steps to entering in orders, the whole system would go offline randomly at least twice a week. Splitting checks was a headache. We used it in the speed service bar too. On busy nights, we'd be four deep of p****d off bar customers because there were so many steps in Revel. It slowed everyone down. From a managerial side, stock control was impossible to keep track of. Trying to enter in new products etc was super complicated.