ReportPlus Pricing, and Ratings

Learn about ReportPlus’s business intelligence software for businesses. Includes info on ReportPlus, free trials, pricing, and FAQs.

3 min read • Last updated on December 7th, 2018

ReportPlus is a business intelligence platform for businesses. ReportPlus’s solutions include unlimited dashboards, multiple visualization types, and advanced administrator capabilities. Businesses can use ReportPlus to visualize business metrics in a centralized platform.

ReportPlus Pricing:

Plan Name

Monthly Pricing

Annual Server Fee

ReportPlus Desktop & Mobile



ReportPlus Server



ReportPlus Key Information:


Dean Guida

Year Founded



Cranbury, New Jersey


Dean Guida


1 (888) 448-1277


2 Commerce Drive, Cranbury, NJ 08512, USA


ReportPlus FAQs:

What is ReportPlus’s price range?

ReportPlus’s plans cost $99.00 per month. If you want the Server plan, you will need to pay an annual server fee of $5000.00.

Is there a ReportPlus free trial?

A free 30-day trial is available here. You will need to furnish some personal and business details. No credit card is required.

Where can I find the ReportPlus login?

There is no login capability on the ReportPlus website. You will acquire login details once you have registered for their products.

Are there any reviews for ReportPlus?

Currently, no reviews are available for ReportPlus.