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Discover Pure Chat - a live chat software solution for small businesses. Includes info on Pure Chat pricing, customer reviews, and answers to common questions.

5 min read • Last updated on December 11th, 2018

Pure Chat, also known as PureChat, is an integrated live chat software solution for small to medium businesses.

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Pure Chat Key Information Table:


Hamid Shojaee




Scottsdale, AZ


Hamid Shojaee

Number of Employees


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Phone Number

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13835 N Northsight Blvd, Suite 205, Scottsdale AZ 85260



Pure Chat Pricing:

Plan Name


Free Live Chat



$99.00 /mo.


$79.00 /an.

Pure Chat FAQs:

What is the price range for Pure Chat?

PureChat pricing ranges from free to $99.00 per month depending on whether you sign up for a monthly or annual subscription. The Free plan allows up to three operators.

How does Pure Chat work?

Pure Chat is a live chat software solution for SMBs. You can integrate PureChat with your Wordpress or eCommerce site to communicate with customers in real-time. Pure Chat is suited for high traffic sites and allows you to acquire leads and customize your platform to suit your needs.

What Pure Chat features are included?

On the Free plan, you get a powerful and easy-to-use dashboard, unlimited chats, mobile apps, and widget customization. With the Pro plan, you get everything in the Free plan plus analytics, visitor tracking, SMS notifications and more.

What is Pure Chat Pro?

Pure Chat Pro is the premium version of Pure Chat software, offering a full suite of tools to optimize your sales strategy. Aside from live conversations with your customers, it provides insights into traffic trends and user experience to determine the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns and convert leads into sales.

Where do I find the Pure Chat login page?

Go to purechat.com and click Login in the top right corner or login directly at app.purechat.com.

Pure Chat Reviews:




Miguel G.


I came across Pure Chat through a series of online searches to locate a viable solution for one of my clients operating from their WordPress website. I located various solutions, but liked the ease of use and integration with their website much more than the others.

Olayinka A.


Pure Chat has covered all of our basic live chat needs since we began using them from April the past year. New chat notifications have sometimes come minutes late, in which case the website visitor has already left the website.

Adelaynes C.


Since using the Pure Chat application in my work space, we have been able to perceive immediate benefits, which have facilitated contact between the communities and our work team, receiving in real time all the recommendations, suggestions and requests from these communities.

Jose R.


Very easy to set-up, the interface is intuitive and allows assignment of chat representatives in no-time. For small companies providing multiple services, the same rep can assist in more than one website with no complications.

Doriangel M.


Pure Chat is an excellent software for the attention of citizens in real time. This rapport with the daily tasks of our management has made Pure Chat vital to serve the general public, as well as allowing us to systematize the experiences explained by citizens.

Belinda S.


Pure Chat was a nice surprise when I was looking for an easy chat service for clients who only have a few customer questions each day. PureChat offered unlimited users and unlimited chats for free, so it was an easy decision to try it out.

Anais B.


The interaction with the public is simply fascinating with this software. Pure Chat has been an excellent ally for us since it has brought us closer to customers who for one reason or another want to share their concerns, observations, complaints and compliments with us.

Shaunte S.


Excellent from the staff to the product. Pure Chat can incorporate easily into Infusion Soft, allowing for timed schedules (no need to remember to sign in).

Shane R.


It's very easy and efficient to use, would highly recommend. Cons: Sometimes it crashes at the most important times.

Jeff C.


I've tried a number of different support chat SaaS products and have found Pure Chat to be one of the better products. Some limited features compared to other products like Intercom and Drift, but both of those products cost money and are expected to have more features for the money. Pure Chat is a good option.