Prism Review

Learn about Prism's in-store analytics software solutions. Includes info on Prism, reviews, pricing, and frequently asked questions.

Updated on November 18th, 2019

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Prism is a cloud intelligence platform that uses video data and business intelligence streams to provide in-store analytics. Prism works with most existing cameras and includes intuitive dashboards that businesses can customize to provide meaningful insights that support business decisions, such as store design and merchandising.


Prism does not list prices on their website. You can fill out the contact form at to request a quote.

Prism Reviews

Pros: Offers intuitive dashboards. Works with most devices without additional hardware or software requirements.

Cons: Does not support mobile device detection.

Bottomline: Great option for businesses with existing in-store cameras to gain insight into customer behavioral patterns without having to invest in additional hardware to collect data.

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Steve Russell and Ron Palmeri




San Francisco, California

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Steve Russell


431 Bryant St., San Francisco, CA 94107

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1 (415) 704-8762





Wesley Barrow -

If you are looking for full customer counts as well as zone-based behavior and heat maps to optimize the layout and inventory in your store, then a video-based solution makes the most sense. Prism Skylabs is a great option that could live on your existing security cameras with very little cost and integration.

Sheri Kaufmann

There's a start up called Prism Skylabs that aims to help you understand this within your own venue. They have the merchant link the video surveillance camera system to their cloud-based service which generates heat-maps for that merchant and lets them connect things like, e.g., the impact of a snowstorm or of Yelp reviews on actual foot-traffic. Sounds crazy, but it's real.


What does Prism cost?

Prism does not disclose pricing on their website. You can use Prism's online contact form to request a quote.