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Learn more about PeopleKeep benefits administration software for small businesses, along with pricing and frequently asked questions.

Updated on March 31st, 2020

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PeopleKeep is a benefits administration software that enables small businesses to easily manage their employee benefits, save on payroll taxes, and ensure compliance with tax and labor laws.


Plan Name



$29.00 /mo. + $15.00 per employee


$23.20 /mo. + $12.00 per employee

Setup Fee (one-time payment)



Pros: Easy-to-use automated system, employees get to purchase their own insurance using tax-free allowances and are reimbursed via the platform.

Cons: $150 setup fee.

Bottomline: A great benefits administration platform that allows SMBs to save up to 35% in taxes.

Key Information:




Salt Lake City, Utah

Number of Employees



Victoria Hodgkins


480 E. Winchester St., Suite 230, Salt Lake City, UT 84107

Phone number

1 (800) 391-9209





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PeopleKeep is better than wages. Companies save on payroll taxes and employees pay no income taxes. PeopleKeep creates an average of 35 percent in tax savings compared to a wage increase—that’s $1,500 per year per employee. Hire and keep your people with a formal benefits program. Employees are three times more likely to recommend PeopleKeep than traditional benefits. In addition, real-time updates and automated recordkeeping keep you in compliance with tax, labor, and privacy laws.

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For a team that small you won't benefit from the quantity discounts larger companies get with group health insurance even if you go through Gusto. You're better off doing a reimbursement plan through something like PeopleKeep. Your staff can shop around and get whatever insurance they want and get discounts or state subsidized insurance being individuals. You then reimburse them up to ~$400 a month individual ($800 for a couple) for any medical insurance, medical related expenses or dental/vision etc.


What is PeopleKeep?

PeopleKeep. is a benefits administration software for small businesses. PeopleKeep allows you to manage and process employee benefits quickly and easily, and enables your employees to buy health insurance and get reimbursed via the platform.

How much does PeopleKeep cost?

PeopleKeep prices start at $29.00 per month plus $15.00 per eligible employee.

What are some alternatives to PeopleKeep?