Payroll by Wave Reviews

Learn about Payroll by Wave payroll software for small businesses. Includes info on Payroll by Wave, free trials, pricing, customer reviews, and FAQs.

Updated on July 10th, 2019

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Payroll by Wave is a web-based payroll software created for small business owners. The software was designed to help small business owners simplify and automate payroll processes while remaining compliant with taxes and deductions. Features include invoicing, accounting, online payments, and receipts.

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Payroll By Wave Reviews

Pros: Free, simple, and user-friendly option. Packed with many useful features.

Cons: Invoicing feature needs improvement. Transfers can take a while. Mobile application needs updates.

Bottomline: Good option! Affordable product equipped with a host of key features. The interface is very simple and easy to use.

Also Consider

Gusto Payroll Software

Get 1 month of Gusto FREE!

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Made for mobile.

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Kirk Simpson, James Lochrie




Toronto, ON, Canada

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3.5+ million


Kirk Simpson


235 Carlaw Ave, Suite 501, Toronto, ON, M4M 2S1, Canada

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I suggest you take a look at Wave payroll. It's an online service, and you do have to do some input - but I've found it to be simple and straightforward. Just two employees would run you less than US$ 300 a year. I can recommend them

stuckinspace -

I used Wave for my freelance web business and while it was a big step up from just a spreadsheet with invoice generation, bank account linking and receipts uploading. After a while I realised it sucks for customized reports that accountants need especially for limited companies. Also, reconciling your transactions is a real pain, you have to 'merge' transactions and it not a good workflow, you loose where you are constantly when you have over 100 transactions to process.

everycredit -

I tried to use Wave. Worked fine, but lack of integration with other software and what my accountant uses pretty much forced me into Quickbooks. I don't regret it. It is $10/mo without payroll, but with it, it's like $35/mo. You could just do it manually for a single employee (it's not hard) and make sure you make those payments to the treasury.

meticulouschris -

I've used Wave for the past year on an ecommerce site. My site only generates about $400/mo so I wouldn't say I've really tested it thoroughly. It sucks in financial data from my PayPal and checking accounts. From there I can easily categorize the transactions with the type of income/expense it was. It's very easy to add new categories. Reconciling at the end of each month is super easy. I also like that it emails me a quick summary once a week.

RobustManifesto -

I've used Wave since incorporating 2.5 yrs ago. Pros: it's free, can use it in collaboration with their payroll service, which is great. Having them under the same roof simplifies things a bit. When my payroll is run, it creates a journal entry making all adjustments to proper accounts.


Does Wave do payroll?

Yes, Wave offers a web-based payroll software.

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How much does Wave Payroll cost?

Payroll by Wave plans range from $20.00 to $35.00 per month. In addition, there is a $4.00 fee for each active employee or contractor paid.

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Is there a Payroll by Wave free trial?

Yes, Payroll by Wave offers a 30-day free trial. To access the free trial, go to and click 'Start your 30-day free trial' on the homepage banner.

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