Paychex Reviews, Pricing, and FAQs

Learn about Paychex's HR and payroll solutions for small businesses. Includes info on Paychex, free trials, pricing, customer reviews and FAQs.

Updated on June 27th, 2019

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Paychex provides payroll and human resources solutions for small to medium-sized businesses. Their solutions are customized for businesses with 1-9 employees, 10-49 employees, and 50+.

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Paychex's setup fee is $200.00 and for a business of 10 employees it costs between $1,491.00 and $3,364.00 a year, according to SMBGuide research. Paychex does not list pricing on its website.

Paychex Reviews

Pros: Mobile access is helpful.

Cons: The general ledger service, and reporting and analytics are not available on the Express Payroll and Paychex Flex Select plans.

Bottomline: Paychex offers a suite of solutions that fit different organizations, but the software is a good option for small businesses whose day-to-day activities are simple and predictable.

News & Activity:


News or Activity

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January 9, 2019

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MattDamonsDick -

Awful service and implementation. Glitchy system.

jtr8178 -

We are leaving Paychex soon. They screw up more often than not.


How much does it cost to use Paychex?

Paychex does not list pricing on their website. You can contact Paychex here for a quote based on your business needs.

Learn more about Paychex.

How do I delete an employee on Paychex?

  • Click Administration > Forms & Documents > Employee Documents & Links.
  • Select the employee you want to remove.
  • Select Links from the View: drop-down menu.
  • Click Remove for the employee link that you want to remove.

Get more information about Paychex.

What is Paychex?

Paychex is an HR and payroll platform for small and medium-sized businesses.

Learn more about Paychex.

What features does Paychex offer?

Learn more about Paychex.

What employee benefits does Paychex handle?

  • Group Health Insurance.
  • Individual Health Services.
  • Retirement.
  • Financial Wellness.

Get more information about Paychex.

Why should I get a Paychex HR professional at my business?

Paychex HR professionals specialize in the employee life cycle, including employment regulations, and can make a valuable addition to your team for less than the cost of a new hire.

What role will a Paychex HR professional play at my business?

  • Hiring and managing employees.
  • Creating an employee handbook.
  • Employee benefits orientation.
  • Employee training.
  • Annual enrollments
  • Employee termination.
  • Workplace safety.
  • Regulatory updates​​​.

What business insurance does Paychex assist with?

What payroll payment methods does Paychex use?

  • Direct deposit.
  • Same day ACH capability.
  • Pay cards.
  • Paper check delivery.

Is there a Paychex free trial?

No, Paychex does not offer a free trial at this time.