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Updated on August 8th, 2019

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OnlineFreeLogo is a free logo maker platform created for small to medium-sized businesses. With OnlineFreeLogo, users are able to create business logos, business cards, and customized mugs.


OnlineFreeLogo is a free platform. However, it's important to note that there are additional charges when purchasing a logo design. OnlineFreeLogo does not make pricing available on their website. If you wish to view pricing, you will need to create an account and logo.


Pros: Easy to use. A free platform that includes a variety of logo designs and logo tips.

Cons: You need to pay for a logo.

Bottomline: Good option! Offers a simple and creative design tool.

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Sushil Sharma




Rajasthan, India

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Dream Heights, CYB-5 Cyber Park, Jodhpur, Rajasthan, India





Mohammed Athar -

Online Free Logo is the best logo maker for every industry who wants to design their logo. You can design your logo in few minutes. Choose your logo from wide range of category.


Is OnlineFreeLogo completely free?

No. While users can create and customize logos on the platform, you will need to purchase the final product.

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Does OnlineFreeLogo offer a free trial?

OnlineFreeLogo is a free online platform.

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When was OnlineFreeLogo created?

OnlineFreeLogo was established in 2015.

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How many logo designs I can make?

OnlineFreeLogo allows users to create an unlimited number of designs. All designs will be saved to your personal account.

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No. Once you've purchased your custom logo, the logo will be removed from the OnlineFreeLogo system.

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