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4 min read • Last updated on December 28th, 2018

OnCue is a Security Camera Software that offers motion and sound activated surveillance along with Dropbox compatibility for cloud storage, among other features.

OnCue Pricing:

OnCue is a free security camera service.

OnCue Reviews
OnCue Summary:

Pros: Free of charge.

Cons: Very buggy and only available on Mac devices.

Bottomline: A free but unreliable software.

OnCue Key Information:


Jake Van Alstyne


Salt Lake City, Utah


Jake Van Alstyne



OnCue FAQs:

Is there a OnCue free trial?

OnCue is a free security software.

Where can I find the OnCue login?

There are no login options without first downloading the software.

What are some OnCue alternatives?

  • iSpy Connect.
  • Camera Viewer Pro
  • Sentry Vision.
  • ContaCam.
  • Cam Wizard.
  • Genius Vision NVR.
  • NetCam Watcher.
  • Sighthound Video.

OnCue Reviews:



cregox - apple.stackexchange.com

I was going to advise the freebie iSentry but onCue is by far the best remote security camera! It even works for free (I think) except there is a message you have to press "ok" to keep recording... I haven't bothered too much as I quickly shoved the U$30 which I think is worth it.

djcz - www.macupdate.com

WOW, unadulterated crap! How is this junk software even allowed to be in the App Store? It's a nice idea and would be great, IF IT WORKED!