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Learn more about Nobly restaurant Point of Sale software. Includes pricing, reviews, company information, and FAQs.

Updated on February 27th, 2019

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Nobly is a Point of Sale software solution for restaurants, coffee shops, and small eateries. The cloud-based platform features inventory management, reporting, CRM, and table planning.

Nobly Pricing:

Namely costs $59.00 per register per month or $468.00 per register per year. Hardware bundles range from $400.00 to $600.00, according to SMBGuide research.

Nobly Reviews
Nobly Review:

Pros: Easy to use, affordable, off-site access.

Cons: Poor customer service.

Bottomline: Decent POS system for iPad with reporting and inventory tracking.

Nobly Key Information:


George Urdea, Sebastiaan Bruinsma




London, United Kingdom

Number of Employees


Phone Number

+44 20 3369-0679


22 Highbury Grove, Islington, London, N5 2ER, GB


Nobly FAQs:

Is there a Nobly free trial?

Nobly offers a free demo. Simply fill in the online contact form to proceed.

How do I get in touch with Nobly customer service?

You can contact the Nobly North American office at 1 (512) 768-9347 or send an email to

Where can I find my Nobly login page?

Click "Log in" in the top right corner of the homepage, or sign in directly at

What are some Nobly alternatives?

Nobly Reviews:



Chantal Tessier - Facebook

"We were told that our POS would be completely set up and ready for use within 3 days. Our sales person did about 1/2 the job and when asked to complete it (as agreed upon during purchase) he said that I needed to (without any training to do so might I add). We were also sent the incorrect printers and told we have to just “deal with it”. I would not recommend this point of sale to ANYONE."

Erik-op5 -

"Great system and service for businesses old and new!"

James Hoffman - Twitter

"So frustrating that @noblypos have a solid product completely ruined by astonishingly bad service. I’d say avoid for now."

James Browns -

"I am using nobly in bar I manage. I find it very good and easy to use, also support is amazing whenever we need in the app itself, very good system for small place like cafe and bar. 5 stars"