New Mexico Bank & Trust

Learn more about New Mexico Bank & Trust, a high transaction volume bank. Includes checking account details, customer reviews, and frequently asked questions.

Updated on August 21st, 2019

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New Mexico Bank & Trust is a local bank, owned by the parent company Heartland Financial USA, Inc., that focuses on creating strong customer financial relationships. New Mexico Bank & Trust has 17 branches across New Mexico and offers a focused checking account for small businesses with high transaction volumes.

Small Business Checking Account Details:

Minimum Deposit to Open


Monthly Service Fee


Average Daily Balance to Avoid Service Fee


Free Monthly Transactions

100 plus up to $10,000 cash processing

Business Analysis Checking Account Details:

Minimum Deposit to Open


Monthly Service Fees


Earnings Credit Available?


Free Monthly Transactions

Depends on earnings credit.

New Mexico Bank & Trust

Pros: Low monthly service fees that are easy to avoid. Free online and mobile banking.

Cons: Low number of branches that are mostly in Albuquerque and Sante Fe. Only serves New Mexico.

Bottomline: New Mexico Bank & Trust is geared toward New Mexico small businesses with high transaction volumes.

Key Information:




Albuquerque, New Mexico

Number of Employees



Greg Leyendecker

Phone number

1 (877) 280-1856





Robert Harris -

We moved to Texas 7 1/2 years ago and have kept our bank account for the terrific interest rate they pay on Checking accounts. We have 10+ years at NMB&T and will continue.Great Service (long distance) also.

D'Ann Townsend -

they gouge the public with a $5 if a person cashes a check written on their bank and the person cashing the check does not... unless you write something in the memo line about paying for services. this is gouging those who cant afford a bank account and am invasion of my privacy to have to write a memo to the teller rhat she has the descretion to ignore. this is just one of the problems ive experienced


What is the New Mexico Bank & Trust routing number?

New Mexico Bank & Trust's routing number is 107006541.

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Where can I find a New Mexico Bank & Trust branch?

  • Albuquerque - 6 branches.
  • Rio Rancho - 2 branches.
  • Los Lunas - 1 branch.
  • Sante Fe - 2 branches.
  • Los Alamos - 1 branch.
  • Espanola - 1 branch.
  • Tierra Amarilla - 1 branch.
  • Portales - 1 branch.
  • Clovis - 2 branches.

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