Best Medical Dictation Software for 2020

Discover the Best Medical Dictation Software for 2020. Includes Speech Recognition Software pricing, average customer ratings, and FAQs.

Updated on March 31st, 2020

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Medical dictation software is dictation software specifically created for physicians, dentists, hospitals, and surgery centers. Medical practitioners use this software to streamline documentation processes, improve response times, and convert audio medical records into Word documents.

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Why We Chose VoiceboxMD:

VoiceboxMD is easy to use and set up. It comes with excellent customer support and training resources, and one can be up and running within minutes. The mobile app allows dictation from anywhere, and the software supports multiple platforms.

VoiceboxMD is secure and accurate. It is HIPAA-compliant, with encryptions protecting sensitive information. Machine learning technology learns to adjust to speech patterns and accents, and VoiceboxMD's medical dictionary of terms and medicines is constantly being updated, thus the software has a 98% accuracy rate.

VoiceboxMD is affordable, costing only $49.00 a month.

Things To Consider When Evaluating Medical Dictation Software:

  1. The medical dictation software you choose must integrate with the EHR software your practice uses.
  2. Medical terms and vocabulary change, so you want software that is constantly updated with the latest terms and names for medications.
  3. Medical information is sensitive and a HIPAA-compliant medical dictation software is a must.

Best Medical Dictation Software:





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Affordable, accurate, and easy to use, but has no speech-to-text analysis feature.

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Dragon Medical Practice

Quote Only

Requires minimal training to use, and supports some integrations.

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Quote Only

Simple set-up and cost-effective, but has no mobile app.

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ChartVox Dictation

Quote Only

Simple to use, with a wide range of features, but can't capture voice.

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ZyDoc Medical Transcription

0.5¢ /line

Reliable and easy to use, with a comprehensive mobile app.

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M*Modal Fluency for Transcription

Quote Only

Offers easy access, is simple to navigate, and comes with good support.

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SayIt by Nvoq

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Reports 3 times faster than typing, is fairly priced, and is easy to set up.

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Fusion Voice

Quote Only

Integrates with EMR systems, and offers easy accessibility.

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MaestraSuite Transcription


Converts audio and video, supports many languages, but can export as PDF and DocX only.

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How do I use Dragon Dictation medical?

There is a helpful YouTube tutorial to help you make better use of the software.

How much does medical dictation software cost?

Medical dictation software prices start at $49.00 per month, according to our research. However, prices vary across the board since there are many factors to consider, including the size of your medical practice and the number of employees.