Maximus Smart Security Light

Learn more about the Maximus Smart Security Light. Includes information on pricing, features, and frequently asked questions.

Updated on November 6th, 2019

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The Maximus Smart Security Light is an outdoor security camera that is designed to look like a simple outdoor light fixture, keeping your security camera hidden. The Maximus Smart Security Light will replace your current light fixture, is weatherproof, and simple to set up.


Camera Light Design

List Price



Traditional Black


Traditional Bronze




Maximus Smart Security Light

Pros: Features motion detection. Light is motion-activated from dusk to dawn and can be turned on or off through the Kuna app.

Cons: As a porch light there are limited placement options and only limited adjustments can be made to the field of view. A subscription is necessary to access all the features.

Bottomline: For a hidden camera that is aesthetically pleasing as well as functional, the Maximus Smart Security Light is a good option.

Key Features:



Camera Resolution

720p HD

Field of View

116° diagonal

Motion Sensing

Yes (PIR motion sensor)

Motion Detection Range

6 ft.

Auto On/Off


Incandescent Wattage Equivalent

60 watts


Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 4.0


100 db siren and high fidelity speaker

Works with

Google Assistant, iOS and Android devices


Is Kuna and Maximus the same?

Kuna is an app-based home security platform that powers a range of devices, such as the Maximus Smart Security Light, which is also owned by the same company.

How much does the Maximus Smart Security Light cost?

Maximus Smart Security Light prices range between $223.00 and $226.00, depending on the design you choose.

What is Kuna AI?

Kuna AI is part of Maximus Smart Security Light features. The Kuna AI feature can recognize faces, objects, and vehicles and alerts you to the different motions it detects. In other words, Kuna AI can tell you if the motion it detects is a person or a car, as well as how many are in view.

How do I turn off my Maximus Smart Security Light's camera?

You can use your Kuna app to access your camera's features. You'll be able to turn the light on and off or set it to a schedule, use the microphone, adjust the sensitivity of the motion detection, and turn notifications on and off, among other things. You may need to subscribe to a Kuna plan to access all of these features.