The Best Manufacturing Software for 2019

Read about the best manufacturing software solutions with customer ratings, pricing information and frequently asked questions.

Updated on June 25th, 2019

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Manufacturing software is used in industrial manufacturing facilities to guide the manufacturing process with the aid of computer technology. Not only does the software help to automate manufacturing, but it also makes production more precise and accurate at every turn.

Best Manufacturing Software:

Our Rank


Minimum Price



$50,000.00 /one time license fee.



Quote only.



$109.00 /mo. per user


ProfitKey ERP

Quote only.



$6,000.00 /one-time license fee.



$169.00 /mo.


MIE Trak Pro

$5,000.00 /user


Global Shop Solutions

Quote only.



Quote only.


E2 Manufacturing System

Quote only.


Fishbowl Manufacturing

$4,395.00 /one time license fee.


IQMS Manufacturing

$75,000.00 /yr.



$89.00 /mo. per user



$999.00 /mo.



Quote only.



$0.00 /mo.


What is a manufacturing ERP system?

A manufacturing ERP manages the manufacturing process with the aid of computer technology. It is used in industrial manufacturing facilities to help automate manufacturing and make production more precise.

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What is an MRP system?

MRP stands for Material Resource Planning and it differs from an ERP system in that they are only used by the Production, Purchasing, and Delivery departments. An MRP system can integrate with an ERP system but it can also function as a standalone software. They rely on manual input by users to make production schedules.

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What is the best ERP system for manufacturing?

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How does ERP help in manufacturing?

  • Streamlines Processes.
  • Cost Reductions.
  • Flexibility.
  • Keeps you abreast of competition.

Is SAP an ERP system?

Yes, SAP has an ERP system that offers sales and distribution management, production planning, and logistics execution, among other things.

What are the advantages of MRP?

  • Timely availability of the right production materials.
  • Little excess inventory.
  • Efficient use of manufacturing resources.
  • Decrease in capital costs.

What is the price range for manufacturing software?

Most manufacturing software programs and ERP software solutions range in price from $400.00 to $3,700 per user, although some companies bill on a monthly or annual basis.

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Are manufacturing production software and manufacturing scheduling software the same thing?

Production software and scheduling software are really one and the same when it comes to manufacturing. Production management software is used to manage the production timeline for goods as they are being manufactured. The software can help organize things by accounting for the necessary resources at each step and factoring in deadlines.

What is paperless manufacturing software?

Generally speaking, paperless manufacturing refers to any manufacturing process the doesn't use paper. Paperless manufacturing software is focused on functionality and efficiency in order to reduce wait times and waste in your facility.

Smart Builder's "Smart Glass" program is a very popular manufacturing control software solution for glass manufacturers. The program is designed to maintain speed and accuracy in a glass fabrication factory. Customers can use the software to submit their drawings and place an order.

Does manufacturing process tracking software have built-in accounting functions?

Manufacturing accounting software programs like Fishbowl Manufacturing, E2 Manufacturing System, and JobBOSS all have advanced accounting functions to keep your financial activities in sync with your manufacturing at all times.

Manufacturing Production Tracking Software

What is manufacturing production tracking software?

Manufacturing production tracking software tracks jobs from their initial concept to final production on the manufacturing floor. The software can be used to schedule jobs, create a budget for materials and estimate manufacturing times.

Are most manufacturing software small business solutions open source?

Most manufacturing execution system software is not open source, but there are some exceptions. ERP Next, Odoo and Openbravo are all open source manufacturing software solutions that you can customize to meet your business needs.

Are there any free options?

Yes, check out our article on free manufacturing software.