M&T Bank Business Banking

Learn more about M&T Bank business banking with features & benefits, rates & fees, and frequently asked questions.

5 min read • Last updated on December 11th, 2018

M&T Bank is an American bank that provides a variety of financial solutions, including business bank accounts for businesses of all sizes. Business owners can set up business checking and savings accounts at M&T to securely manage their money.

M&T Bank Business Banking Features & Benefits:

Customized banking options.

If you need a unique banking solution that meets that demands of your business, an M&T banking expert can help you by creating a financial set up that works for you.

Merchant services.

M&T has a host of convenient merchant services that can be integrated with your M&T business banking products to allow for seamless financial activity.

Online and mobile banking.

M&T allows you to have complete access to your bank accounts through their online and mobile banking platforms. With online and mobile banking, you can access your account information and make changes whenever and wherever you like.

Low monthly checking fees.

M&T's monthly fees for checking accounts range in price from $10.00 to $50.00, but these fees can be waived if your business maintains a high enough monthly balance.

M&T Bank Key Information:




Buffalo, NY


René F. Jones

Phone Number

1 (800) 724-2440


1 M&T Plaza, Buffalo, NY 14203



M&T Bank Business Banking Rates & Fees:

M&T Simple Checking for Business

$10.00 /mo.

M&T Tailored Business Checking

$20.00 /mo.

M&T BizFlex Checking

$50.00 /mo.

Commerical Checking

$26.00 /mo.

Non-Profit Checking

$7.50 /mo.

M&T Medical Services Checking

$25.00 /mo.

M&T Professional Services Checking

$10.00 /mo.

M&T Business Interest Checking

$15.00 /mo.

Commercial Money Market Savings Account

$0.00 or $10.00 /mo. (depending on balance)

Commercial Savings Account

$0.00 or $5.00 /mo. (depending on balance)

M&T Market Advantage for Business Savings

$0.00 or $12.50 /mo. (depending on balance)

M&T Bank Business Banking FAQs:

How do I sign into my M and T Bank online account?

You can access your M&T online banking account through the M&T login page at mtb.com. Just click "Log In" on the homepage to access your M&T web banking account.

How can I contact M and T Bank customer service?

You can contact the M&B Bank customer service department by calling 1 (800) 724-2440.

Is there an M&T Bank Business account that is suitable for large cash balances?

You can open a Commercial Money Market Savings Account with M&T business banking if you want to earn interest on a large cash balance. This account has tiered interest rates.

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