Logitech Circle 2 Review

Get all the details on the Logitech Circle 2 security camera, including pricing, and all the features that come with this highly rated camera.

Updated on November 18th, 2019

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The Logitech Circle 2 is a great standalone security camera or can be part of a security camera system. It features night vision, 24 hours free cloud storage, and high-quality 1080p recordings.

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Logitech Circle 2

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Wire-free Option.

24 hrs free cloud storage.

High-quality 1080p video.



List Price

Single Wired Camera


Single Wireless Camera


Logitech Circle 2

Pros: Great image quality, wider angle than most cameras, great customer support, waterproof.

Cons: Wireless version isn't compatible with HomeKit.

Overall: Excellent security camera, especially for outdoor use.

Key Features:



Image Resolution


View Field



Indoor or outdoor.


Cloud, 24 hours free.


Cord and wire-free versions.

Smart Home Compatibility

Alexa, Google Assistant, HomeKit

Motion Detection


Streaming Video


Subscription Plan


Motion Detection


Person Detection

With subscription.

Continuous Recordings


Night Vision

15 feet














Mobile and web.

Functional Temperature Range

-4° to 122° F / -20° to 50° C

Buy Now

Logitech Circle 2

Buy on Amazon


Wire-free Option.

24 hrs free cloud storage.

High-quality 1080p video.


GalSa - Reddit.com

Out of all the HomeKit cameras, it is the best IMO. But overall, It’s decent. It disconnects from my network every so often (nothing else disconnects, checking network logs I find no drops at all when the camera disconnects). Also, for some reason (and I’m guessing it’s because of HomeKit) opening the stream takes quite some time to load, both in the Home app and in Logi. I have another 1080p non HomeKit camera and the stream opens almost instantaneously. Be aware tho - HomeKit only accepts 720p stream (at least that’s what I figured out, correct me if I’m wrong).Bottom line - if you’re going for a HomeKit camera, go for the circle.Oh, and a DISCLAIMER: make sure you got the non wireless one! The wireless battery powered one doesn’t work with HomeKit.

vX2 - Reddit.com

I have the original and the 2 wired. For the life of me I don’t get how the 2 is slower in sending notifications than the 1. It takes 2 and sometimes even 5 seconds for it to alert me.Otherwise, image quality is great and the interface is one of the best I’ve ever used. The HomeKit integration with motion sensors are nice, but i get too many notifications when activating it in Home since it doesn’t have any algorithm to differentiate stuff. I’m starting to think majority of ip cameras aren’t really necessary for HomeKit use esp pointed outside. The manufactures own app has a ton of more useful settings rather than just steaming low res vid in the home app.

scottymtb - reddit.com

I love it. It’s purely used when no one is home. It’s plugged into an Eve Energy and an automation turns it on when the last person leaves and off when the first person arrives home.Generally speaking it only captures my cat jumping around but the quality is great, microphone works well, night vision is about 15ft. Can’t fault it for the price you pay.I’m not impressed with the subscription costs tho

@willw - Twitter.com

I just got Logitech Circle 2, it's great! Any way better subscription pricing than Nest. App is solid. Hardware is nice with good mounting options. Recommended.


How long does a Logitech Circle 2 battery last?

Battery life for the Logitech Circle 2 is up to 3 months.

How do you set up a Logi camera?

  1. Make sure the camera is plugged in.
  2. Download Logi Circle app from an app store.
  3. Open the app.
  4. Tap "Setup".
  5. Name the camera.
  6. Tap "Next".
  7. Select a wireless network.
  8. Type in the password.
  9. Tap "Connect".
  10. In the Welcome Home message, tap "Continue".
  11. Create your Circle Account

Does Circle 2 wireless work with HomeKit?

No. Only the wired version of the camera works with Apple HomeKit.

How do I connect Logitech Circle 2 to HomeKit?

  1. Go into the Logitech Circle 2 quick start guide to view its features.
  2. Fine the HomeKit setup code.
  3. Attach the camera to its mount.
  4. Plug in the camera.
  5. Launch the Home app.
  6. Tap "Add Accessory".
  7. Scan the HomeKit setup code.
  8. Follow the prompts.

How do I reset my Logi Circle 2 camera?

  1. Open "Settings" in the app.
  2. Tap "More Settings".
  3. Tap "Remove Camera".
  4. Setup the Logitech Circle 2 Camera again as if it were a new camera.

What is CircleSafe?

CircleSafe is an optional subscription plan that gives users up to 31-day cloud storage, person detection, motion zones, and a custom day brief.

Do you need a hub to use it with the Alexa?

No. You'll just need to connect it to your WiFi network to link the camera to Alexa.

Do I need a subscription to get phone notifications from the Logitech Circle 2?

No, the Circle 2 allows Smart Alert notifications for free with all pricing plans. These are push notifications that are sent when the camera detects motion.

Can you leave this camera on 24 hours a day?

You can, but it will not record for 24 hours - it will only record when motion is detected. You can always view the live feed via the web app