KeyBank Banking Information Overview

Learn more about KeyBank business banking with features & benefits, rates & fees, and frequently asked questions.

5 min read • Last updated on December 11th, 2018

KeyBank is a regional bank headquartered in Ohio that serves a large portion of the mid-western United States. KeyBank has business bank accounts to help small businesses manage their finances.

KeyBank Business Banking Features & Benefits:

Online and mobile banking.

KeyBank offers online banking and mobile banking through the KeyBank mobile app to make your experience more convenient. You can pay bills, transfer money and view KeyBank statements on-the-go.

Overdraft protection.

Your KeyBank business checking account comes with overdraft protection so that transactions aren't denied or charged to your account when you overdraw on your balance. Instead, the remainder of the transaction is drawn from another account.

Locations in 39 States.

KeyBank has grown from a small regional bank to a major financial institution with almost 2,000 locations in 39 different States.

KeyBank Key Information:




Cleveland, OH


Beth E. Mooney

Phone Number

1 (716) 838-8600


127 Public Square, Cleveland, OH 44114


KeyBank Business Banking Rates & Fees:

KeyBank Basic Business Checking

$5.00 /mo.

KeyBank Business Interest Checking

$15.00 /mo.

Key Business Rewards Checking

$25.00 /mo.

Key Business Saver Account

$0.00 /mo.

Key Business Silver Money Market Savings Account

$0.00 /mo.

Key Business Gold Money Market Savings Account

$0.00 /mo.

KeyBank Business Banking FAQs:

How do I access my KeyBank online login?

You can access your KeyBank online account by going to and clicking "Sign In." You can also use the KeyBank mobile sign on through the KeyBank app. The KeyBank mobile login information that you use is the same as it is for your online account.

What is the KeyBank routing number?

KeyBank has a different routing number for every state. You can view a list of all of the routing numbers at

What is the KeyBank customer service number?

You can contact KeyBank customer service by calling 1 (716) 838-8600.

What is the Key Business Reward Checking account?

The Reward Checking account is a KeyBank checking account that allows your business to participate in the KeyBank rewards program at no extra cost.

Do I have to enroll for a KeyBank business account online?

If you already have a KeyBank account, you can go to and sign up for a KeyBank online account using your bank account number and social security number. Once you have signed up, you'll be able to use your KeyBank sign-on credentials at any time.

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