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Updated on February 26th, 2019

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Jukebox Print is a supplier of business cards and related products such as address labels, customer banners and signs. Jukebox Print creates custom items such as loyalty cards and promotional calendars as well.

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$10.00 off first order for new customers.

Jukebox Print Pricing:



14 pt Uncoated Standard 3.5" x 2" - 250

$55.00 CAD

14 pt Uncoated Oversize 3.5" x 2.25" - 250

$95.00 CAD

14 pt Uncoated Mini 3.5" x 1.5" - 250

$55.00 CAD

14 pt Uncoated 2.25" x 2.25" - 250

$95.00 CAD

14 pt Uncoated European Standard 85mm x 55mm

$55.00 CAD

16 pt Uncoated Standard Semi-Gloss 3.5" x 2" - 250

$89..00 CAD

16 pt Uncoated Oversize Semi-Gloss 3.5" x 2.25" - 250

$139.00 CAD

16 pt Uncoated Mini Semi-Gloss 3.5" x 1.5" - 250

$89.00 CAD

16 pt Uncoated Semi-Gloss 2.25" x 2.25" - 250

$139.00 CAD

16 pt Uncoated European Standard Semi-Gloss 85mm x 55mm

$89.00 CAD

14 pt Uncoated Standard Super Gloss 3.5" x 2" - 250

$45.00 CAD

14 pt Uncoated Oversize Super Gloss 3.5" x 2.25" - 250

$65.00 CAD

14 pt Uncoated Mini Super Gloss 3.5" x 1.5" - 250

$45.00 CAD

14 pt Uncoated Super Gloss 2.25" x 2.25" - 250

$65.00 CAD

14 pt Uncoated European Standard Super Gloss 85mm x 55mm

$45.00 CAD

Jukebox Review
Jukebox Print Review:

Pros: Wide range of styles to choose from.

Cons: Mixed reviews at times.

Bottomline: Well-established company.

Jukebox Print Key Information:


Loredo Rucchin




Vancouver, British Columbia


Loredo Rucchin

Number of Employees



1 (647) 795-0033


107 Atlantic Avenue, Suite 203, Toronto, ON M6K1Y2



Jukebox Print FAQs:

What is Jukebox Print's price range?

Depending on which size and coating you choose for your business cards, Jukebox Print's pricing for 250 business cards will range somewhere between $45.00 CAD and $139.00 CAD.

Does Jukebox Print offer free shipping?

Jukebox Print does not specifically mention free shipping on their shipping page. You can use their shipping calculator to get a tailored quote for your order.

Where can I find the Jukebox Print login?

Visit www.jukeboxprint.com/login to find the Jukebox Print login.

What are some Jukebox Print alternatives?

Jukebox Print News & Activity:

At this time there is no News or Activity for Jukebox Print to report.

Jukebox Print Reviews:



Pa194 - reddit.com

I purchased business cards and some flyers for a friend. I moved to the US after and haven't used them ever since. I remember the quality and customer service. They were very helpful.

Shaxinater - reddit.com

I have used both Moo and Jukebox. In fact I switched from Moo to Jukebox for my primary business card printing. They just have so many more options with stock and processes.

mechanate- reddit.com

I used Jukebox and don't recall any issues...but it was a while ago.

TorchForge - reddit.com

Oh Jukebox Print, how I hate you so. Was it the fact that your 3-4 day standard turnaround took 15 days? Was it the fact that my junky Epson color printer was able to print a superior card than your state-of-the-art facility? Was it the fact that your pay-for-proofing service was a complete joke? Was it the fact that your "quality control" team said that the "solution" to my issues was to purchase another set of business cards at full price? Was it the fact that there are superior services available (Why didn't I read your reviews first? Silly me.) for lesser cost such as Moo.com? Personally, I believe it is all of the above. All I wanted was to get what I paid for, and you couldn't even give me that. Thanks for nothing.

TorchForge - reddit.com

Comparison between my s***** Epson printer and Jukebox Print for those interested.Note that the only difference between the two is a different title font and an additional line of text at the bottom. And of course, here is the "Quality Control" response saying that I should just purchase more cards from Jukebox Print if I want to have the issue fixed.