iPhone XS Reviews

Learn more about the iPhone XS as a business smartphone. Includes user reviews, features, pricing, and answers to common questions.

Updated on March 31st, 2020

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The iPhone XS is one of the best smartphones for business. It offers secure facial authentication, improved power usage, high storage capacity, and increased download speeds.




iPhone XS 64 GB


iPhone XS 256 GB


iPhone XS 512 GB


iPhone XS

Pros: The processing speed has been improved and the phone supports reverse wireless charging.

Cons: No MicroSD slot.

Bottomline: The iPhone XS is expensive, but it is an immensely powerful and capable phone with all the right features.

Specifications and Features:


Lithium-ion battery

WiFi Hotspot



Gigabyte-class LTE, WiFi, Bluetooth 5.0 wireless, NFC

Processing Speed

Four-core GPU, A12 at a clock speed of 2.49GHZ

Storage Space

128 GB /256 GB /518 GB


Face ID, fingerprint, lockscreen, password


Wired / wireless


Reverse wireless charging




SirFadakar - reddit.com

I switched after about 9 years of yearly android upgrades (mostly Nexus/Pixel devices). Aside from siri being absolutely braindead and iOS devs seeming to love subscription models for basic apps, I'm loving it. I mostly switched for the watch and I don't see myself switching back anytime soon.

Egeberg - reddit.com

7 to OnePlus 6 to XS. The XS is miles away the best I’ve had.

hexabox - reddit.com

8 to Xs, satisfied. The only problem I have is charging seems slower, it used to be about 1%/min on the 8 but it seems like the Xs takes twice the time. Everything else is amazing!

1Raizen - reddit.com

XS here. I came from the 7 and though I cannot say my old phone was old and sluggish (it’s not) the camera upgrade was worth it. Everything feels a bit snappier as expected, Face ID works seamlessly, and I don’t miss the home button. Again Camera is the most important upgrade for me and Apple delivered.

MJ-Davies - reddit.com

I went from a 7 Plus to a XS, extremely happy with it. I wanted to hold out on an upgrade because I still enjoyed the previous phone, but the top speaker blew out suddenly and I took advantage of a phone dealership offering a high trade-in price to upgrade.


What is new with the iPhone XS?

  • It has a faster Face ID.
  • It has a dual-camera system.
  • It has a new gold finish.
  • The screen is made from more durable glass.
  • It is more resistant to dust and water.

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How much is an iPhone XS?

The iPhone XS costs between $999.00 and $1,349.00, depending on the storage capacity you choose.

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Is iPhone XS a good phone?

Reviews of the iPhone XS have been favorable, citing the screen resolution, dual-camera system, improved processing speeds, and design as the best qualities. However, reviews have pointed out that the battery life isn't great, the screen scratches easily, and the starting price is expensive.

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Which is better between the iPhone XS and XR?

The XS is one of the iPhone flagship phones, while the XR is at the bottom of the range. Both phones use the same software, A12 bionic processor, and front camera, but while the XR has a bigger screen than the XS, the latter has more RAM, dual rear cameras, and more storage.

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Is 64GB enough for iPhone XS?

For basic usage, 64GB is enough. If you stream a lot or play games, then you might want to look at 256GB or 512GB.

Does the iPhone XS come with AirPods?

No, the iPhone XS comes with EarPods with a Lightning Connector.

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How much is the iPhone XS from AT&T?

AT&T offers the iPhone XS on contract for $33.34 a month.

How much is the iPhone XS from Verizon?

Verizon offers the iPhone XS on contract for $41.66 a month.

How long is an iPhone XS?

The iPhone XS has a length of 6.2 inches.

Why is the iPhone XR cheaper than the XS?

The iPhone XR is at the low end of the range with less RAM, simpler cameras, and less storage capacity than the iPhone XS.

Can I buy the iPhone XS in store?

You can buy the phone at an Apple store or using the Apple Store app.

Does the iPhone XS have a charging port?

The iPhone XS does not come with a port, but a port can be bought at an Apple Store, or using the Apple Store app.

How do I clear the RAM on my iPhone XS?

  1. Go to "Settings."
  2. Click on "General."
  3. Click on "Accessibility."
  4. Turn on "Assistive Touch."
  5. Go back to "Settings."
  6. Select "General."
  7. Select "Shut Down."
  8. Tap the "Assistive Touch" icon.
  9. Tap and hold the "Home" icon until the screen flashes.

Can I fast charge an iPhone XS?

Yes, you can fast-charge iPhone XS with an 18W adapter.

How can I speed up my iPhone XS?

  1. Restart the phone.
  2. Delete unused apps.
  3. Clear Safari's cookies.
  4. Turn off Automatic Downloads.
  5. Turn off Background App Refresh.
  6. Delete messages, photos, music, etc.
  7. Restore factory settings.

How do I clean my iPhone XS?

Wipe the phone with a soft, slightly damp cloth.

How long does it take to charge an iPhone XS?

According to some reports, it takes the iPhone XS three-and-a-half hours to charge fully using the standard in-box charger.

How do I know when my iPhone XS is fully charged?

The battery icon will show an electrical plug when your iPhone XS is fully charged.

How do I charge my iPhone wirelessly with XS?

  1. Plug in the wireless charger.
  2. Place the charging pad on a level surface.
  3. Place your iPhone XS on the charging pad, face up.

How long does the iPhone XS battery last?

Some tests show it can last a full day, but only four hours with the screen on the whole time. Apple says on the XS page that the battery lasts 30 minutes longer than that of the iPhone X.

Does the iPhone XS support 5G?

While the phone does offer Gigabyte LTE, it does not support 5G.