Investmark Mortgage Reviews

Learn more about Investmark Mortgage hard money lenders. Includes information on pricing, features, and frequently asked questions.

Updated on November 18th, 2019

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Investmark Mortgage is a hard money lender that offers hard money loans for single-family and small multifamily (less than 40 units) properties. Investmark Mortgage caters to the experienced investor and the first-time buyer.

Loan Fees:

Investmark Mortgage offers interest-only loans with loan fees of 1.99% to 3%, where 1% is due at closing and the rest is due at payoff. Processing fees of $595 to $795 are also applicable. This does not include costs provided by other vendors, such as appraisal fees, title fees, and survey fees.

Loan Types, Terms, and Rates:

Loan Program

Interest Rate



New Investor


Up to 18 months

Up to 75% on rentals and up to 70% on flips

Experienced Investor


Up to 18 months

Up to 75% on rentals and up to 70% on flips

Loyalty Investor


Up to 18 months

Up to 75% on rentals and up to 70% on flips


Pros: Includes up to 100% rehab funds, no interest charged on rehab funds until they are borrowed.

Cons: Only loan in North and Central Texas. Only loan on properties with an ARV of more than $90,000.

Bottomline: Investmark Mortgage offers up to 100% hard money loans and does not charge interest on the total note amount, but rather only on what is borrowed.

Key Information:


Mike Hanna




Addison, TX



How quickly will Investmark Mortgage close my loan?

Once Investmark Mortgage has all the required documents, they can close the next business day.

What areas does Investmark Mortgage service?

Investmark Mortgage offers loans primarily in the Dalla Fort Worth Metroplex in North Texas and the Central Texas submarkets of San Antonio and Austin.

Can I get 100% financing from Investmark Mortgage?

Investmark Mortgage may offer up to 100% financing on loans where the purchase price is less than their maximum LTV, minus the repairs.