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Updated on February 21st, 2019

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Hiscox Business Insurance, also known as Hiscox Inc., is an insurance provider for small businesses with locations across the UK and United States.

Hiscox Key Information Table:


Robert Hiscox




New York, NY


Bronek Masojada, Ben Walter, Steve Langan

Number of Employees


Number of Customers


Phone Number

1 (866) 283-7545


4th Floor, Wessex House, 45 Reid Street, Hamilton, HM12, United Kingdom



Hiscox Pricing:

Plan Name

Pricing Option

Professional Liability

From $22.50 /mo.

General Liability

From $19.17 /mo.

Business Owners Liability

From $41.67 /mo.

Hiscox FAQs:

What is the price range for Hiscox Business Insurance?

Hiscox premiums depend on your business needs, location, industry and coverage limits. Professional Liability coverage starts at $22.50 per month while General Liability Insurance will cost you $19.17 or more per month. The Business Owners' Policy starts at $41.67 per month.

What does Hiscox small business insurance offer?

Hiscox Insurance Company has been in businesses for over 100 years and is renowned for providing quality insurance products and services to small businesses and individuals. The company covers all sorts of risks that may affect your business, such as an injured employee or claims of negligence brought against you. The company has several insurance categories including Hiscox commercial insurance, Hiscox home insurance, Hiscox life insurance, Hiscox contractor insurance, and Hiscox professional liability insurance.

What is Hiscox data breach insurance?

Hiscox Cyber Insurance covers any data breaches that your business may encounter due to targeted attacks or even misplaced equipment. Hiscox' Cyber Insurance strategy prevents, detects, and mitigates risk by monitoring your networks, reviewing response plans, and ensuring against financial risk. Hiscox also educates employees about the importance of cyber security.

Hiscox vs Hartford: who is the better insurance company?

The Hartford is an American insurance company that provides business, home, and auto insurance. Both Hiscox and Hartford are highly rated insurance providers who offer customized policies depending on your business needs. It is advisable to obtain quotes from both companies to help you make an informed decision.

Where can I read good Hiscox Insurance reviews to help me make a decision?

You can read a detailed Hiscox Insurance review on ExpertInsuranceReviews.com.

What is the Hiscox insurance rating?

Hiscox Inc has received an "A" rating from insurance rating agency, A.M. Best and the S&P stock market, and an "A+" from Fitch.

What is Hiscox General Liability insurance?

Hiscox General Liability insurance protects your business from injury claims and associated medical costs, as well as property damage, personal injury, electronic data liability, and actions by your full-time or part-time employees that may tarnish your business reputation.

How does Hiscox photography insurance work?

Hiscox Photography Insurance provides coverage for professional photographers who work in a variety of fields. With Hiscox, photographers are able to buy insurance directly online in most states, and rates start as low as $22.50 per month.

Is there a Hiscox Atlanta branch?

Yes. The Hiscox Atlanta branch is located at 5 Concourse, Parkway Suite 2150, Atlanta, Georgia. You can reach the ATL office at 1 (404) 692-6828. For other Hiscox USA locations, visit hiscox.com/hiscox-us-locations.

What is the Hiscox Insurance phone number?

You can speak to a Hiscox customer service representative by dialing 1 (866) 283-7545.

How can I get a Hiscox business insurance quote?

Go to hiscox.com and click "Get Quote" on the homepage or call the Hiscox customer service team.

Hiscox Reviews:




Christopher P.


The only insurance company I would trust. I have now moved all my insurance and business insurance to Hiscox!

Jonathan C.


I have been insuring with Hiscox for almost 20 years. I have never made a claim. This year they want to raise my premium 28%. I called to enquire why they felt this appropriate and all they tried to do was get me to take a higher excess to reduce my fees.

Javonda G.


Great experience.The information was accurate and the site was easy to navigate. My questions were answered and it was an overall great experience.

Peter N.


Painless experience! It was very easy to get the coverage that was needed. I would definitely recommend this to others in small business.

Sonja T.


Very unprofessional and unorganized, don't waste your money or trust. I set up 15 contractors with them and paid on my company debit card. I submitted as Contractors were no longer with me and over a year they continued to charge for the terminated employees despite multiple requests.

Christopher L.


They were precise, friendly, professional not at all like an insurance agency. It was a breath of fresh air to deal with Hiscox. I will give them at least 10 clients this month.

Lyle W.T.


A very clean, straight forward, simple procedure. Completed the process in a very short time and was very satisfied with the results.

Patricia S.


Quick, efficient and affordable! The representative was courteous, knowledgeable, and helped me save my money. So to me you guys are Top-notch! Thank you for helping out our business.

Marjorie M.


Prompt and efficient customer service.

Luther L.


Very pleased with the ease of the process. It was a quick and easy process. The response time was amazingly quick.