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Learn about HESK help desk software for small businesses and other institutions. Includes info on HESK, pricing, customer reviews, and FAQs.

Updated on December 11th, 2019

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HESK is a free and easy-to-use help desk software for businesses. HESK's features include submitting, tracking and assigning tickets, and customizing fields and settings. Businesses, individuals, and other institutions can use HESK to communicate with customers and deal promptly with queries.


Plan Name




HESK Cloud

$19.95 per month

HESK Website License


HESK Advanced

$199.95 per year


Pros: Can be downloaded and used for free, whereas other help desk software can be quite expensive.

Cons: Can only be used by 1-9 users, compared to other help desk software that can be used by 1000 or more users. You will also have to pay if you want to make use of email support.

Bottomline: A good free help desk option for limited users.

Key Information:

Legal Name

Klemen Stirn

Founding Date

Jan 01, 2005


Ulica Slavka Gruma 118, SI-8000 Novo mesto, Slovenia

Number of Employees


Number of Customers





What is HESK?

HESK is help desk software used by businesses, individuals, and other institutions to resolve customer queries and answer questions.

How much does HESK cost?

HESK is free software, but for a fee of $39.95, you can buy the website license to receive email support for one month and also remove the 'powered by' links from your website. You can also purchase HESK Advanced for $199.95 and receive email support for a year.

How do I install HESK?

There are three ways to install HESK. You can follow the instructions on their website to install it yourself or hire a professional to help you.

Customer Reviews:


Reviewed: May 04, 2009

Source: PBX in a Flash

Try Hesk. Works great... and it's free.


Reviewed: Jun 24, 2018

Source: Reddit

I’m using Hesk and have no issues. I needed a very simple solution and it does the trick.


Reviewed: Sep 18, 2015

Source: Reddit

A few months ago I started working for a municipal government as a desktop support tech, and the IMS we use right now, Hesk, is really terrible. It gets the job done in terms of keeping track of tickets, but there are next to no features. There is no AD sync, so we have to input all information for every ticket. There are no self service tools, so we have to unlock accounts and reset passwords in AD.


Reviewed: May 17, 2014

Source: Reddit

We are currently using HESK at my office. It's not that robust, but its free and has all the features we needed.


Reviewed: Jan 13, 2014

Source: Reddit

We use Hesk as well and it works pretty well. It's nothing more than a ticket system and knowledge-base but it's clean, simple and easy to use. I didn't install or configure it so I can't say how simple or complex those aspects of it are.