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Learn about Grow data visualization tools for small businesses. Includes info on Grow, free trials, pricing, customer reviews, and FAQs.

Updated on April 22nd, 2019

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Grow is a cloud-based business solution that offers data visualization tools for small to medium-sized businesses. Using Grow's intelligence software, users can combine information from hundreds of sources including spreadsheets, databases, and SaaS applications.

Grow Pricing:

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Grow Reviews
Grow Review:

Pros: Great visuals, user-friendly interface, and useful integrations. Quick customer support.

Cons: The features are not robust. The system can slow down.

Bottomline: Good product! Offers a beautiful design with easy to use functions. However, features are not powerful.

Grow Key Information:


Rob Nelson, Ryan Nelson




Orem, Utah


Rob Nelson


1 (415) 614-4474


1401 Research Way, #2200 Orem, UT 84097 United States


Grow FAQs:

What is Grow's price range?

Grow plans range from $39.00 to $2,499.00 per month. If you want a custom Enterprise plan, you can contact Grow to get a quote.

Is there a Grow free trial?

Yes, Grow offers a free trial. To access the free trial, go to and click 'Start A Trial' in the top right corner of the homepage.

What are some Grow alternatives?

Where can I find the Grow login?

Go to and click "Login" in the top right corner of the homepage, or sign in directly at

Grows News & Activity:


News or Activity

January 28, 2019 Named Best Business Intelligence Software By GoodFirms.

January 22, 2019 Announces New Product Starting at $29 Monthly.

December 31, 2018 Announces Datasets: Giving Growth Companies Access to Enterprise Level Insights.

October 2, 2018

Grow Announces Product Innovations At Company's Second Annual Data Driven Summit.

Grow Reviews:



Gavin Medlin -

The product looks fantastic, and I understand the reasons behind custom pricing and guided trials, but you must be pushing away so many potential customers who just want clear pricing and an easy trial without having to engage with someone.

Max Hodges -

You should fire your head of marketing! trying to get people to ""call for pricing"" is a disaster. For every one person who contacts you, hundreds more skip that step and move along to one of the dozen other dashboard apps. You're losing the market with these barriers. Stop being lazy and figure out a pricing plan! Also a free trial is probably a good idea. I set aside my Sunday to evaluate analytic solutions but isn't going to be in my report because I wasn't able to get started with it. You want me to stay up until 1AM or wake up before 7:30 AM to get pricing? You guys need to rethink your marketing strategy. You're making a big mistake.