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Learn about Groove Customer Service Software. Includes info on Groove, free trials, pricing, customer reviews, and FAQs.

Updated on July 12th, 2019

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Groove is a free customer service software that offers ticket issuing and tracking, live chat, and social media integration, among other features.


Plan Name

Monthly Pricing


$15.00 per user.


$29.00 per user.


$39.00 per user.


Pros: Excellent mailbox features and integration with useful apps.

Cons: No customizable embeddable web forms.

Bottomline: Groove is a reliable desktop help platform with a variety of functions for every aspect of your work.

Key Information:


Alex Turnbull




Newport, RI

Number of Employees



Alex Turnbull


449 Thames Street, Newport, RI, 02840, United States

Phone Number

+1 401-339-3817


News or Activity:


News or Activity

July 12, 2018

Why Groove Shutdown a SaaS Blog That Helped it Reach $500K MRR – with Andy Baldacci [181]




cPanelSitebuilder -

I'd also recommend GrooveHQ for support tickets, where your support tickets look more personal, with no "support ticket feel"

Matthew Bass -

Very dissapointed in @GrooveHQ for not doing what @MeetEdgar did and grandfathering pricing for their existing loyal customers. A surefire way to damage brand loyalty, especially after such a huge increase.

modelop -

We have been a GrooveHQ customer for over a year, started as a "free forever" account and got tricked into upgrading 30 days later. Since the whole thing was easy to setup and we have only 5 users, we started paying the $15/user/month... Now, imagine my surprise today (07/27/17) when they started charging us $22/user/month!That is a 50% increase PER MONTH without notice.They went from "free forever" to "$15/u/m" to "$22/u/m" without a single explanation or communication to the customers.I'm out and I would recommend anyone thinking of becoming a GrooveHQ customer to think about this: You don't know how much this is going to cost you next month! Don't let their marketing skills fool you, they are as shady as it gets.

Jacques -

Got an email from Groove on June 6, subject: "It’s time to upgrade your Groove account", even though I was on the "Free Forever" plan. I was surprised. I thought it was just a mistake on their part. I contacted them via their web app to ask what happened. Then I found this blog post. Sad thing is, I really liked their software. Not sure what to do now.

JMV290 -

I looked into GrooveHQ but it didn't scale well to 60+ employees and ~12k clients. For a small firm it may work.

dev-nope -

I would recommend groovehq, gets the job done, cheap, new API + Integrations :)


What is Groove software?

Groove is a free customer service software with features like tracking, live chat, and social media integration, and more.

Read our review of Groove.

How much does Groove cost?

Groove costs between $15.00 to $39.00 per user per month.

See Groove full price list.

Is there a Groove free trial?

Groove offers a 14-day free trial.

View customer reviews of Groove.

When was Groove founded?

Groove was founded in 2013.

See Groove key information.