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Updated on November 19th, 2019

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GitHub is an open-source, web-based hosting service for developers. GitHub is a popular collaboration tool for development projects that involve task management and bug tracking.


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$7.00 /mo. per user


$9.00 /mo. per user


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GitHub Reviews

Pros: Easy to contribute to open source projects. Uses Markdown for text editing.

Cons: No web app development.

Bottomline: GitHub is one of the leading hosting services because it has some of the best documentation and customization features.

News & Activity:


News or Activity

December 12, 2018

GitHub Improves its Status Reporting

December 11, 2018

GitHub Takes Aim at Stack Overflow and Twitter with Spectrum Acquistion

November 26, 2018

What Does Microsoft buyout mean for GitHub Developers?

October 26, 2018

Microsoft Completes GitHub Acquisition

June 4, 2018

Microsoft Confirms it will Acquire GitHub for $7.5 Billion

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Tom Preston-Werner, Chris Wanstrath, P. J. Hyett, Scott Chacon




San Francisco, CA

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Nat Freidman


88 Colin P Kelly Jr St, San Francisco, CA 94107

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+1 877-448-4820





Brynden Bielefeld -

I use GitHub, because I like keeping copies (if you will) of my repositories “in the cloud”, and out of all of the code hosting platforms I’ve tried, GitHub is my favorite.

nwerth -

GitHub takes care of everything server-side, so I only needed to concern myself with the content.

RoiEx -

I used GitHub Desktop for quite a while because it's easy to start with but some time later I realized the limited functionality so I switched.


What is GitHub?

GitHub is a Git repository hosting service. It also provides access control and some collaboration features, such as wikis, bug tracking and basic task management tools.

Is GitHub still open source?

This depends on your needs. While the hosted service is free for open source projects, the software GitHub's service is based on is closed source.

Why is GitHub important?

GitHub is able to hosts your source code projects in a mixture of different programming languages and helps keep track of the different changes made.

Is GitHub free to use?

Yes. GitHub has a free option available. However, this package is limited in features compared to other packages that are priced per month.

Is GitHub safe?

GitHub claims to be safe. However, it's important to note that users should be careful about what code they download as some codes could be harmful. Contact GitHub to learn more.

Gitlab Vs Github

What is the difference between GitLab and GitHub?

While both GitLab and GitHub have similar features, GitHub is still the more popular platform. GitHub's sophisticated infrastructure makes it a popular choice among developers. However, GitLab does offer an affordable, well-integrated platform that can allow developers to house the entire life-cycle of a project.

How do I review a PR on GitHub?

  1. Under your repository name, click "Pull requests".
  2. Click on the pull request you want to review.
  3. Once complete, click Files changed.
  4. Hover over the line of code where you'd like to add a comment.
  5. Click the blue comment tab.
  6. Type your comment.

How do I create a PR on GitHub?

  1. Go to the primary repository you created your fork from.
  2. Next to the Branch menu, click New pull request.
  3. On the Compare page, select compare across forks.
  4. Ensure that the base fork is the repository you'd like to merge changes into.
  5. On the head fork drop-down menu, select your fork.
  6. Once complete, use the compare branch drop-down menu to select the branch you made your changes in.
  7. Type a title and description for your pull request.

How do I get started with GitHub?

  1. Install git.
  2. Create a GitHub account.
  3. Follow any payment processes.
  4. Create a local git repository.
Bitbucket Vs Github

What is the difference between Bitbucket and GitHub?

Both Bitbucket and GitHub are available in free versions, but there are differences. Bitbucket has free unlimited repositories, while GitHub's free plan allows for unlimited collaborators but does not provide private repositories.

What is a GitHub SSH key?

An SSH key allows you to connect your GitHub account to a remote server. You can use Github to generate an SSH key in your terminal if you do not already have one.

How do I download GitHub desktop?

You can find the GitHub download page on their website. There are options that you can select to download either GitHub for Mac or GitHub for Windows.

What is the GitHub student pack?

The GitHub student developer pack suite of developer tools from GitHub. With the student pack, students can learn how to develop programs on their own using the best tools on the market.

How do you host a website on GitHub?

There are several ways that you can host a website on GitHub, but the basic steps can be found on the GitHub community forum.

What is GitHub Pages?

Github Pages is a static hosting site where pages from your GitHub repository can be hosted.

What are GitHub Gists?

Gists are repositories where you can share applications and files with other people. Gists can be either public or private and can be forked or cloned.

Are there any GitHub alternatives?

  • GitLab.
  • Bitbucket.
  • Launchpad.
  • SourceForge.
  • Beanstalk.
  • Cloud Source by Google.