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Learn about Frontpoint's security systems for small businesses. Includes info on Frontpoint, free trials, pricing, customer reviews, and FAQs.

Updated on December 12th, 2019

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Frontpoint is a provider of small business security systems for businesses and homes. They offer customized security options, easy setup and installation, multi-sensory monitoring tools, among other features.



Pricing (*3-year contract)

Safe Home Starter


Safe Home Everyday


Safe Home Plus


Safe Home Select


Safe Home Preferred


Safe Home Elite



Pros: Easy self-installation.

Cons: High upfront costs.

Bottomline: An excellent monitoring system that can be used to secure small businesses.

Key Information:


Christopher Villar, Aaron Shumaker, and Peter Rogers




McLean, Virginia

Number of Employees



Christopher Villar


1595 Spring Hill Road, Suite 110, McLean, VA

Phone number

1 (833) 606-4477



Is Frontpoint a good security system?

Frontpoint enjoys mostly favorable reviews, with customers citing good technology, an active sales team, and ease of use among many of its highlights.

How much is a Frontpoint security system?

Frontpoint's monthly costs range between $34.99 and $49.99, while the cost of equipment is $99.00.

Is Frontpoint better than ADT?

Both Frontpoint and ADT are excellent security systems, with Frontpoint enjoying slightly better ratings. While they both offer features such as home automation and have Z-Wave functionality, Frontpoint offers these features at a much cheaper price. Moreover, ADT requires professional installation in order to use, while Frontpoint can be set up yourself. Frontpoint also offers shorter contract lengths when compared to ADT.

Does Frontpoint have a contract?

Yes, Frontpoint has a minimum contract requirement of 12 months. Monthly costs cover equipment and 24-hour emergency monitoring.

Is Frontpoint better than SimpliSafe?

Both Frontpoint and SimpliSafe are excellent security systems, and the best one really depends on your needs. If you're looking for low monthly payments without a long-term contract, then SimpliSafe is ideal. If you are willing to pay more for a more comprehensive security system, then go with Frontpoint.

Does Frontpoint need WiFi?

No, Frontpoint does not require WiFi to work. All elements of the security system, including the sensors and control panel, are built into the equipment. Video monitoring is the only feature that requires an internet connection.

How much does it cost to cancel Frontpoint?

Frontpoint has a termination fee of 80% of the yearly cost. If your total yearly costs amount to $480.00, your termination fee is $384.00.

Does Frontpoint have outdoor cameras?

Yes, Frontpoint offers a wireless outdoor camera with weather resistance, 720p definition, and a night vision range of 40 ft.

Customer Reviews:


Reviewed: Jul 13, 2019

Source: Cougar Board

I’d recommend FrontPoint over Vivint. Similar functionality but you don’t have to pay the flat-brim premium. You can install it yourself.

Avi Elizabeth

Reviewed: Mar 28, 2019

Source: Quora

I recommend frontpoint. I’ve had them for years & they are honestly the best.

Deleted user

Reviewed: Aug 06, 2015

Source: Reddit

I also highly recommend FrontPoint - they are local, 24 hour monitoring and great online reviews. Self install system, everything is wireless so it's generally an easy set up.


Reviewed: Jun 20, 2018

Source: Reddit

I have nothing but good things to say about FrontPoint. I've had them for almost 3 years in 2 different houses. The best thing for you to do is decide how many sensors and what types you want and just give them a call. They have several different levels of service but IMO not to pushy with selling you things you don't need.


Reviewed: Jun 10, 2018

Source: Reddit

Frontpoint has brilliant customer service. That’s why I stay with them. The hardware is solid but you can get that elsewhere. The backend is which is also great but not a differentiator. The customer service is fantastic though and I appreciate that. They also have no problem with you buying sensors elsewhere. They’ll even give you the model numbers.