Free Medical Billing Software

Find out more about the best free medical billing software solutions on the market. Includes free offer information and frequently asked questions.

Updated on February 7th, 2019

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Free medical billing software is used by a variety of health facilities to track patient appointments and generate bills that can be added to a patient's account. With a free solution, small practices can bill their clients electronically without paying for a more costly solution.

Best Free Medical Billing Software:

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Software Name

Free Offer


Practice Fusion

Free 14-day trial.


Open EMR

Free - unlimited.


Dr Chrono

Free 30-day trial.


FreeMedForms EMR

Free - unlimited.



Free 30-day trial.

Free Medical Billing Software FAQs:

Why don't more companies offer free medical billing software?

Our research indicates that more medical software solutions were available for free at one time, but many providers have since removed their free plans.

Is free patient management software the same as free medical billing software?

Patient management software is a broader category than medical billing software. Patient management refers to other capabilities like medical record keeping and appointment setting. Some medical billing software programs have these features, but not all.

What is the advantage of a free platform?

The primary advantage of using medical billing software for free is that it will save your practice a lot of money. However, free programs may not have the capabilities that you need to maximize efficiency and organization in your business.