Best Free Business VoIP Systems for 2019

Find out more about the best free business VoIP solutions. Includes frequently asked questions.

Updated on January 2nd, 2019

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Free business VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) solutions allow businesses to use their internet connection as their primary phone provider. With a free VoIP service, businesses can use their computers or mobile devices as phones and eliminate the cost of phone line altogether.

Best Free Business VoIP Systems:

Our Ranking

Software Name

Free Offer



Free up to 3 participants.



Free up to 100 participants.



Free 30-day trial.



Free 14-day trial.


Free 14-day trial.



Free up to 10 participants.


Google Hangouts

Free up to 25 participants.


Free - unlimited.


Free up to 5 participants.



Free up to 25 participants.

Free Business VoIP FAQs:

Are there any disadvantages to using a free VoIP phone service?

While a free VoIP is convenient and cost-effective, there are a few drawbacks. Most free VoIP services limit the number of participants that you can have on a call and/or the number of VoIP phone numbers that you can have.

How do I get a free VoIP number?

After you sign up for your free VoIP account, you will have a 10-digit phone number that can be contacted from a traditional phone line.

Free Business Voip
Free VoIP Providers:
  • WebEx.

  • Zoom.

  • Jive.

  • Dialpad.


  • UberConference.

  • Google Hangouts.


Can I use a free VoIP service for conference calls?

Yes. In fact, services like Zoom and Google Hangouts are used almost exclusively for large video conference calls with participants in multiple locations around the country or even around the globe. These services are used because they provide a reliable audio and video link for business meetings.

Voip Free Calling
VoIP Free Calling Services:

  • Skype.

  • WebEx.

  • Zoom.

  • Jive.

  • Dialpad.


  • UberConference.