Dragon Medical Practice

Discover Dragon Medical Practice, a medical dictation software created for healthcare professionals. Includes reviews, key information, and FAQs.

Updated on November 18th, 2019

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Dragon Medical Practice is a medical dictation software created by Nuance Communications. Designed specifically for healthcare professionals, hospitals, and surgery centers, the software allows users to instantly convert audio recordings into written words.


Dragon Medical Practice latest edition costs between $1,599.00 and $1,994.99 for the full software, according to our research. However, Nuance does not reveal pricing details on their website.

Dragon Medical Practice Edition

Pros: Easy to set up and navigate. Fast and accurate dictation.

Cons: No free trial available.

Bottomline: Good, reliable tool that is able to integrate with various EHR software.

Key Information:


James Baker and Janet M. Baker




Burlington, Massachusetts


Mark Benjamin

Parent Company

Nuance Communications

Number of Employees


Phone number

1 (781) 565-5000


1 Wayside Road, Burlington, MA, United States 01803






Sidney Weiss - quora.com

We see lots of doctors using Dragon Medical Practice Edition 4, which requires zero training. Doctors can be up and running within five minutes using the software being productive charting the patient's information.


What is Dragon Medical Practice Edition?

Dragon Medical Practice is a dictation software specifically created for medical practitioners, hospitals, clinics, and more. The software is able to convert spoken word into text. Practitioners use the software to create, manage, and update patients' medical files.

Is Dragon Medical compatible with Windows 10?

No, Dragon Medical Practice's first two editions are not compatible with Windows 10, according to our research. For more information about the latest edition, visit the Nuance website.

Does Dragon Medical work on Mac?

Yes, Dragon Medical Practice software is available for Mac users. The software is easy to set up and allows users to dictate audio, perform voice controls, and more.

Where can I purchase the latest version of Dragon Medical Practice?

You can purchase Dragon Medical Practice Edition 4 from the Nuance website. Alternatively, you can purchase the software package from Amazon.