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Learn about Comm100’s live chat solutions for businesses. Includes info on Comm100, free trials, pricing, customer reviews, and FAQs.

Updated on July 12th, 2019

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Comm100 is a live chat platform for businesses. Comm100’s solutions include contact center engagement, live monitoring and stats, and real-time translation. Businesses can use Comm100 to engage with customers and improve customer satisfaction rates.

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Comm100 Reviews

Pros: Fantastic reporting capabilities, and great chat history and rating features.

Cons: It lacks a time tracker for the duration of the chat.

Bottomline: Awesome platform to efficiently manage live chat processes.

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Kevin Gao




Vancouver, BC, Canada

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Kevin Gao


1210 – 333 Seymour Street, Vancouver, BC V6E 2S1, Canada


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Jason-Oneil-7 -

A few years ago (2006–2009) I used a website call Comm100: Enterprise Live Chat Software for Online Sales & Support i feel its the best out there, however at that time it was absolutly free but now they charge. Please check it out very easy to use platform and easy to integrate.

jakkrith -

The best live chat system for all business website. -

Comm100 Live Chat has got plenty of outstanding features!

adershdev -

I would any time recommend Comm100. Excellent services

trav268 -

I can honestly compare and contrast BoldChat and Comm100 because I have used them both. I used BoldChat a few years ago when I worked sales at and I am currently using Comm100. They are very similar to be honest with you. They both have manual invite options. They both offered real time analytics but, Comm100 lets you track customers from page to page in site and lets you know where they came from and what keywords they are used for... Both Comm100 and BoldChat are over-priced.BUT, Comm100 lets you sign up for a 30 day trial, no credit card needed. You'll get a nice little countdown reminding you that your chatting is about to expire. And then on day 31.... It stops. The nagging that is, not your Comm100 chat software.The only reason I can tell that Comm100 does this, is that the do not want to lose the link juice (they have some nasty hidden contextual links behind the chat, real black hat).


What is Comm100’s price range?

Comm100 plans range from $29.00 to $49.00 per month. If you want an Enterprise plan, you can contact Comm100.

See a list of Comm100 pricing.

Is there a Comm100 free trial?

Yes, a 15-day free trial is available here.

See a list of Comm100 pricing.