Clixtell Reviews, Pricing, and Ratings

Learn about Clixtell’s call tracking software for businesses. Includes info on Clixtell, free trials, pricing, customer reviews, and FAQs.

Updated on April 18th, 2019

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Clixtell is a click fraud and call tracking platform for businesses. Clixtell’s solutions include click fraud detection and protection, call tracking and 360 website analytics. Businesses can use Clixtell to track and record calls, and safeguard against click fraud.

Clixtell Pricing:

Plan Name

Monthly Pricing

Click Fraud Protection Basic


Click Fraud Protection Standard


Click Fraud Protection Advanced


Call Tracking Basic


Call Tracking Standard


Call Tracking Advanced


Website Video Recorder Basic


Website Video Recorder Standard


Website Video Recorder Advanced


Clixtell Reviews
Clixtell Review:

Pros: Superb click-fraud prevention and tracking capabilities.

Cons: It sometimes takes a while to automatically block IP addresses.

Bottomline: Fantastic platform that streamlines click-fraud and call tracking processes.

Clixtell Key Information:

Year Founded



1 (888) 881-2549


Clixtell FAQs:

What is Clixtell’s price range?

Clixtell plans range from $10.00 to $80.00 per month.

Is there a Clixtell free trial?

A free 14-day trial is available here. You will need to furnish some personal and business details. Credit card details are required and you will only be charged if you go over the 14-day trial period. You can cancel at anytime.

Where can I find the Clixtell login?

You can go to and find the “Login” at the top right corner of the homepage.

What are some Clixtell alternatives?

Clixtell Reviews:

There are no Clixtell reviews at this time.