10 Best Charlotte Payroll Companies

Find the best payroll companies in Charlotte with contact information. We also have answers to common questions and additional info for doing payroll locally.

Updated on November 18th, 2019

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Charlotte payroll companies offer local small businesses a way to focus on what they do best and let professionals handle payroll. Use our list to find the best payroll services near you.

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Top 10 Charlotte Payroll Companies:

Our Rank


Phone Number


Hamilton Edwards, Inc.

(704) 375-1112


DirectPay Payroll Services

(704) 921-2730


Perry G. Walker Accounting & Tax Service

(704) 717-6244


Kohari & Gonzalez PLLC

(704) 599-3355


Goldleaf Partners

(980) 500-3680


Abacus Accounting Pros

(704) 321-3366


Proctor & Associates TBS, Inc.

(704) 385-1040


Carolina Paymasters

(704) 332-7502


Fidelity Accounting & Tax Corp

(704) 849-0635


Proffitt CPA

(704) 609-8162


What are the best small business payroll services in Charlotte?

  • Proffitt CPA.
  • Carolina Paymasters.
  • Fidelity Accounting & Tax Corp.
  • Goldleaf Partners.
  • Perry G. Walker Accounting & Tax Service.
  • Hamilton Edwards, Inc.
  • DirectPay Payroll Services.
  • Kohari & Gonzalez PLLC.

What do payroll processing services in Charlotte cost?

Charlotte's payroll companies charge between $19.00 and $200.00 per month, depending on taxes, how often you run payroll, number of employees, and other factors.

What should I know about doing payroll in Charlotte?

Charlotte does not currently have local tax laws that will complicate doing payroll. However, you will still need to withhold state and federal income tax for those employees.

Employers in Charlotte are required to withhold paid unemployment insurance. The unemployment insurance rate is determined on an employer by employer basis and ranges from 0.06% to 5.76%.

Charlotte does not have any reciprocal agreements with other states. There are no local minimum wage laws either. Instead, they fall under state minimum wage laws, which put it at $2.13 per hour for tipped workers and $7.25 per hour for all others.