The Best Business Interruption Insurance in 2019

Learn how business interruption insurance works and find ratings for best small business insurance providers in 2019.

Updated on June 26th, 2019

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Business interruption insurance is a type of business insurance that provides coverage when your business operations are interrupted due to unforeseen circumstances like property damage or a personal injury. With business interruption insurance, small businesses can avoid financial ruin when an accident happens.

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What is covered by business interruption insurance?

Business interruption insurance restores lost income and helps pay for additional expenses if a business is affected by a covered loss. Typically, business interruption coverage is part of a business owners' insurance policy.

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How does business interruption insurance work?

If it can be demonstrated that the disaster has caused a loss of income, and if the disaster is covered by the policy, then your business may be paid an amount of money by your insurance provider that adequately compensates for your loss of income.

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What is the purpose of business interruption insurance?

Business interruption insurance will cover the loss of income that a business suffers after a disaster-related loss. The income will cover you if your business had to close down due to a disaster or if you have to perform renovations because of disaster-related damage.

Does flood insurance cover business interruption?

No, income losses caused by business interruption are not covered by flood insurance.

What is the cost of business interruption insurance?

Business interruption insurance policies can range from $750.00 to $10,000.00 or more per year, depending on the size of your business and what industry you work in.

Does business interruption insurance cover wages?

Yes, business interruption insurance can cover employee wages.

Does business interruption insurance cover power outages?

It depends on what caused the outage. If the outage occurred because of a disaster, then you should be able to claim. However, you will not be covered if the outage was caused my an electronic malfunction.

What is loss of income insurance?

In business terms, loss of income insurance is just another name for business interruption insurance. Sometimes it is also called business income insurance since an interruption to your operations can cause a loss of income.

Business Interruption Insurance Cost Per Month

How much does business interruption insurance cost per month?

Business interruption insurance could cost you between $60.00 and $830.00 per month. To find a more accurate monthly cost, contact your insurance provider and ask for a quote.

What do I need to make a successful business interruption insurance claim?

The most important component of your claim is that you can demonstrate business income "actual loss sustained." You need to be able to prove that your business experienced a loss of income as a direct result of the business interruption event that is covered in your policy in order to access loss of income insurance.

Business Interruption Insurance Example

Any business interruption insurance example?

A construction company's equipment is all destroyed by a flood and must be replaced for the business to continue functioning. In the meantime, the business cannot make money. With a loss of income insurance claim, they can access the funds they need to get back on track.

Does insurance for business interruption cover fires?

Some business interruption policies cover accidental fires, but not in all cases. Some insurers may require you to add fire insurance to your policy in order to access coverage in case of a fire. Make sure you read the fine print in your policy to figure out if fires are covered.