Brady BMP71-QC 115160 Label Printer with Quick Charger Review

Learn about the Brady BMP®71-QC 115160 Label Printer with Quick Charger. Includes pricing, features, and frequently asked questions.

Updated on July 17th, 2019

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The Brady BMP71-QC 115160 Label Printer is a label printer that enables businesses to print up to 1,000 labels at a time. The Brady BMP71-QC is able to print in 300 DPI on more than 30 different types of material.

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Brady BMP71-QC 115160 Label Printer with Quick Charger

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Quick charge the printer in approximately one hour.

Large, graphical, full color display with indicators.

Built-in wizards for easy label creation.

Wide variety of label materials.

Key Features:



Product Number


Printer Speed

1.5 in/sec

Print and Color Capabilities

Thermal Transfer / Monochrome

Print Resolution

300 dpi

PC Compatibility/Standalone

Standalone and PC Connect


USB Port B

Software Compatibility

LabelMark Software, Brady Workstation Apps

Power Supply Options

NiMH Battery, AC Adapter


2 years

Dimensions (WxHxD)

9.5 in x 13.0 in x 4.6 in


4.9 lbs (without tape, batteries)

Screen Size

LCD, Color, 3.5 in, QVGA

Backlit Screen


Keyboard Style

QWERTY, Number Keypad

Special Characters Quantity

Depends on Regional Keypad

Max Print Width

1.92 in

Font Types Available

(2) Brady Alpine, Brady Fixed Width

Font Size (pts)

4 thru 174, autosizing

Multi-line Label


Label Print Rotation


Data Serialization

Yes, multiple and linked

Barcode Capabilities and Types

Code 39, Code 128 and more using Brady Workstation

Memory Capacity

200 MB

Data Transfer from PC


Print Preview


Symbols Available


Label/Ribbon Supply

Separate label roll and ribbon cartridge

Material Formats Supported

Continuous, die cut labels and custom

Media Width

0.235 in to 2.00 in

Quantity of Label Parts Available

300+ label parts and customs

Label Retention Feature






Patent Number(s)

US D635183, 8333524, 8328442, 7999836, 7893951, 6929415, 5951177, 5918989.

Brady BMP®71-QC 115160 Label Printer with Quick Charger

Pros: Portable, easy to use, fast printing, QWERTY keypad.

Cons: No built-in cutter, only 200 MB memory capacity.

Bottomline: A versatile printer that allows you to take care of your printing needs throughout your business.


The Brady BMP71-QC 115160 Label Printer with Quick Charger retails for $954.99.


  • The BMP71-QC Printer is our most versatile labeler for on-the-job printing. It prints on over 1000 label parts, and has a convenient handle and rechargeable battery.
  • Desktop and portable sign and label printer for creating multi-line signs and labels to identify wires, circuit boards and other industrial items.
  • Versatile labeler prints on more than 1,000 label parts, and has a convenient carrying handle.
  • Easily import and export generated label files, lists and graphics to the printer through USB 2.0 port and a USB flash drive.
  • Compatible with M71 Series label tape cartridges, fits BMP61, TLS 2200 and HandiMark cartridges with included roll adapter.


  • Circuit Board.
  • Datacom.
  • Electrical.
  • General Identification.
  • Inspection Repair.
  • Pipe Marker.
  • Rating & Name Plates.
  • Safety.
  • Wire & Cable.

Available Languages:

  • Bulgarian.
  • Czech.
  • Danish.
  • Dutch.
  • English (US).
  • Finnish.
  • French (France.
  • German.
  • Hungarian.
  • Italian.
  • Norwegian.
  • Polish.
  • Portuguese (Portugal).
  • Romanian.
  • Russian.
  • Slovak.
  • Slovenian.
  • Spanish (Spain).
  • Swedish.

Types of Materials:

  • Outdoor vinyl.
  • Nylon cloth wire ID.
  • Heat-shrink wire ID.
  • Self-laminating wire ID.
  • Removable cloth wire ID.
  • Tedlar Wire ID.
  • Datacomm cable tags (3).
  • Standard Polyester (4).
  • Aggressive adhesive polyester (2).
  • Metalized Polyester (3).
  • Non-adhesive tag.
  • Polyimide/Electronics materials (6).
  • Tamper resistant materials (6).
  • Outdoor reflective.
  • Glow-in-the-dark.
  • ToughStripe floor tape.
  • ToughWash (2).
  • Repositionable vinyl.
  • Raised panel labels (engraved plate alternative).

Cartridge Series:

  • M71 series.
  • BM71.
  • MBulk.
  • PTL series with adapter.
  • Some BMP61 labels with adapter (TLS and BMP61 ribbons not compatible).

Charger Overview:

  • For use with the battery for the BMP71 Printer from Brady.
  • Charges battery in one hour.

Box Includes:

  • Hardcase.
  • Charger/AC Adapter.
  • (1) Roll of M71-31-423 White Die Cut Labels.
  • (1) M71-R6000 Black Ribbon Cartridge.
  • Media Adapter.
  • Rechargeable Battery.
  • USB Cable.
  • Quickstart Guide.
  • Drivers CD.
  • Users Guide.
  • Tutorial.
  • 2-year Limited Warranty.


What type of materials can the BMP71-QC Label Printer print on?

The BMP71-QC Label Printer prints on 45 types of premium label materials, including PermaSleeve wire markers, indoor/outdoor vinyl, and polyester die-cut labels.

Learn more about the Brady BMP71-QC Label Printer.

Does the Brady BMP71-QC 115160 Label Printer with Quick Charger have a built-in cutter?

No, the Brady BMP71-QC does not have a built-in cutter.

Learn more about the Brady BMP71-QC 115160 Label Printer's key features.

Do you need a computer to run the Brady BMP71-QC 115160 Label Printer, or is it a self-running machine?

The Brady BMP71-QC Label Printer can be used as a stand-alone printer or connected to your PC.

Learn more about the Brady BMP71-QC 115160 Label Printer's key features.

Where can I buy the Brady BMP71-QC 115160 Label Printer with Quick Charger?

You can buy the Brady BMP71-QC Label Printer with Quick Charger by clicking on the link above, or from sites like Megadepot and Amazon.

Learn more about the Brady BMP71-QC Label Printer.