Brady BMP 21-PLUS Portable Label Printer Review

Learn about the Brady BMP 21-PLUS Portable Label Printer. Includes pricing, features, and frequently asked questions.

Updated on July 17th, 2019

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The Brady BMP 21-PLUS Portable Label Printer is a hand-held label printer that creates multi-linel labels for the identification of wires, panels, and other industrial items.

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Brady BMP21-PLUS 139535 Handheld Label Printer

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Prints in 6 different text sizes in a single color.

Backlit LCD display for easier labeling in low-lit areas.

Reinforced with molded-rubber impact bumpers for durability.

On-board keyboard contains letters and numbers.

Key Features:



Product Number




Print Speed

0.40" per second

Print & Color Capabilities

Thermal Transfer / Monochrome

Print Resolution

203 dpi

Max Print Width


PC Compatibility or Stand Alone Operation

Stand alone

Connectivity Options


Software Compatibility


Power Supply Options

Li-Ion rechargeable battery, 6AA, AC adapter

Standard Warranty

2 years (batteries not included)

Dimensions (WxHxD)

4.5" x 9.5" x 2.5"


1.04 lbs (without tape and batteries)

Screen Size

3 lines x 14 characters

Back Lit Screen


Keyboard Style


Font Types Available

(1) Brady Alpine

Font Sizes (pts)

Auto, 6, 9, 14, 20, 28, 40

Multi-line Label Capabilities


Label Print Rotation


Data Serialization


Barcode Capabilities and Types

Code 39, Code 128

Memory Capacity

10 files up to 16 MB

Data Transfer from PC to Printer


Print Preview


Symbols Available


Label/Ribbon Supply

Cartridge with included ribbon

Label Retention Feature


Material Formats Supported

Continuous labels only

Media Width

0.25" to 0.75"

Quantity of Label Parts Available

70+ label parts

Cutter Type

Single Hand Manual Actuate, Straight Cut

Cartridge Series

M21-series, IDPal and LabPal series





Power Supply Voltage

110 to 240 V

Recharge Time

2-1/2 hours

Patent Number(s)

6.604.874, 6.732.619, US 8.322.936

Brady BMP®21-PLUS Portable Label Printer

Pros: Durable, portable, no wastage, easy to use.

Cons: Depletes batteries fast, only prints 3 lines, one color only.

Bottomline: An affordable printer with various formats for printing durable labels.


The Brady BMP 21-PLUS Portable Label Printer retails for $99.00.


  • TOUGH on the outside, SMART on the inside. The super rugged, ultra-intelligent BMP®21-PLUS is an affordable label and wire printer designed for the tool box.
  • This handheld label printer creates multi-line labels for clear identification of wires, panels, circuit boards and other industrial items.
  • On-board keyboard contains letters A to Z and numbers 0 to 9, and backlit LCD graphics display for easier labeling even in low-lit areas.
  • Prints in 6 different text sizes ranging from 6 point to 40 point in a single color.
  • Compatible with Brady BMP21 Series printer continuous tape cartridges to enable printing of various styles and widths.
  • Drop-tested and reinforced with molded-rubber impact bumpers for durability in the most demanding work environments.
  • Passed shock and vibration testing per MIL-STD-810G Method 5.16.6 S4.6.5.

Label Applications:

  • Barcode Labeling.
  • Cable & Wire Marking.
  • Circuit Board Marking.
  • Data Communications Labeling.
  • Facility ID.
  • General & Industrial ID.
  • Healthcare ID.
  • Industrial ID.
  • Lean / 5S.
  • Maintenance Labeling.
  • Panel Labeling.
  • Safety Labeling.

Available Languages:

  • Dutch.
  • English (US).
  • French (France).
  • German.
  • Italian.
  • Portuguese (Portugal).
  • Russian.
  • Spanish (Spain).


  • M21-750-499 Label Cartridge.
  • Lanyard..
  • Quick Start Quide.




sct_atx -

I bought a Brady BMP 21-Plus kit off eBay. It has a setting to do label flags. It works really well. My new boss has been using those zip-tie flags, and I am going to start swapping them out. Those are just asking for my finger tips to be cut up.

progenyofeniac -

I've used the Brady BMP-21-PLUS for 7 years or so and love it. I've never had a label fade or peel off. The ink or whatever will rub off if it's in a location where it gets rubbed against all the time, but otherwise they're very durable.

jaykay2077 -

I use the Brady BMP-21-PLUS, with self-laminating labels. You can make the text as long as you want, but are limited to lines based on font and tape size. 1” tape will get you two lines, and will self-lam on mic line and narrower Catx, but your text will not be readable from both sides of the wire. For speaker or shielded catx, you’ll need the 1.5” (which will do three lines, and the text will fully wrap on smaller wires). We standardize on the 1.5”.For the tapes, I order them from my local electrical supply (Westburne). The self-lams are never stocked, but regular tapes are. The kit including a case, power supply, and rechargeable battery is ~$250; tapes are $40-50 or so. EDIT: changed the tape sizes; I was incorrect in what we used.


Can I print flag type labels for fiber patch cords?

Yes, you can print flag type labels for any diameter cable by specifying the size on the machine. The printer will then work out the total length of the label for you.

Learn more about the BMP 21-PLUS Portable Label Printer's features.

Does the BMP 21-PLUS Portable Label Printer have a warranty?

Yes, the BMP 21-PLUS Portable Label Printer has a 2-year warranty.

See the full list of key product information.

Where can I buy the BMP 21-PLUS Portable Label Printer?

You can buy the BMP 21-PLUS Portable Label Printer by clicking on the link above, or from sites like Megadepot and Amazon.

See pricing information.