Blackberry Key 2 Reviews

Learn more about the Blackberry Key 2 as a business smartphone. Includes user reviews, features, pricing, and answers to common questions.

Updated on March 31st, 2020

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The Blackberry Key 2 is one of the best smartphones for business. It boasts a two-day battery life for extended use, an intelligent keyboard, and a highly durable exterior, among other features.


The Blackberry Key 2 sells for $649.00.

Blackberry Key 2

Pros: Advanced security features, two-day battery life and a physical keyboard.

Cons: Smaller screen due to physical keyboard.

Bottomline: The Blackberry Key 2's winning features are tempered only by a frustrating screen size, but it is still a good choice for business.

Specifications and Features:


3500 mAh

Wifi Hotspot



Bluetooth 5.0, NFC

Processing Speed


Storage Space

64GB with expandable storage


Biometric sensors, cryptographic key protection, rollback protection, unrootable software, full-disk encryption, privacy shade.




Physical keyboard




jasonjoski -

Just upgraded my KEYone to a KEY2 and I've been very happy with it. May be different for you, as you've never owned a BlackBerry device, but it's a solid phone for what I use it for and the keyboard is fantastic.

bitekr -

I forgot battery is extra solid and the keyboard shortcuts....hard to give up shortcuts once you start using them.

BlackBerryAgain -

The keyboard is like a scaled up version of the BlackBerry PRIV keyboard. The keyboard is slightly bigger than the BlackBerry KEYone and using different craftsmanship materials. I already like it more than the KEYone.


Is the BlackBerry Key 2 worth buying?

The BlackBerry Key 2 enjoys mostly favorable reviews. It is lauded for its usage of Android OS, its unmatched battery life, and its iconic keyboard that goes down well with Blackberry fans.

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Is the BlackBerry Key 2 dual SIM?

There are both dual-sim and single-sim versions of the BlackBerry Key 2.

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Does BlackBerry Key 2 have wireless charging?

No, the BlackBerry Key 2 charges with wires.

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When did the BlackBerry Key 2 come out?

The BlackBerry Key 2 came out on July 13, 2018.

Is the BlackBerry Key 2 touch screen?

Yes. The BlackBerry Key 2 has both a touch screen and a touch-sensitive keyboard.

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